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Plastic Surgery

©Seth F. Weaver, Sr. 04/11/14. It seems like there is a race of celebrities in the world that have plastic surgery done to themselves as regularly as some people change the oil in their cars. Many of these celebrities are in the public eye and feel a youthful never aging appearance is the only way they can professionally and financially survive. NO BODY likes aged and wrinkled stars! This type of surgery is very dangerous and incredibly expensive but to these individuals it seems worth the risk. Many plastic surgeries have had hideous results that their owners don’t seem to be aware of. They go from being revered for their talent to being laughed at for their looks. We are all like flowers in season because after the petals fall you can’t staple them back on. A Compullage™ creation.


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Miad Kasravi 02 Aug 2014


Artist Reply: Miad it is so nice to meet you on the AW. Thank you for your visit and comment.

Anneke Hut 31 Jul 2014

Very true and wonderfully rendered!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Anneke for your visit and compliment! I appreciate it.

ruth sears 31 Jul 2014

well Seth,this is amazing,and I agree with your commentary,they get caught in this and some addicted to it like Michael Jackson with horrible results,is sad,great work and my POD!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Ruth for the compliment and the POD. You have made my day!