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A modern Fairytale

There is nothing alike as little children, reading them a storyline.
Once upon a time it’s started, with a princess oh so nice.
She had golden locks this beauty, but a nose that was a hose.
Although she like to world around her, she has the burden of a pollinose.
She would also see the forrest, fields and every thing around,
but as soon she walk inside her world, the sneezing was the only sound.
Tears she wept for pollinosis, her eyes were burning like a fire,
How could clumps that twirled around be stopped and not provide.
One day she looked at the people, through her window, high there in the sky.
builded this way for pollinosis, because these lumbs can’t fly so high.
There she saw a farmer working, putting up the glass on herbs,
then she knew with glass between them no more lumbs would hurt.
Joy came to her crying face and hope came to her heart,
although she suffered pollinosis, this could make the world her part.
She was happy living ever after as the stories always end,
only I think to this story no more handkerchieves were meant.



Anonymous Guest

Heloisa Castro 25 May 2014

Beautiful work! Lovely story

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Heloisa

John Cappello 25 May 2014

Great prose, Fabulously Imparts A Freshness that's Exciting & tells a plausible story of the Season and pleasant actions you created here:) !

Artist Reply: It's Always nice to read your words John

Anne Whiteway 22 May 2014

Ben, what a fine imagination you have! This is so creative and delightful. You have many magical and outstanding works on your site. I also enjoy reading your poetry and prose!

Artist Reply: My imagination is of this time where we realistic see what modified weeds do and we all don't know the cure anymore.

Elizabeth Lindberg 21 May 2014

Such an interesting story lol I love your work !!!

Artist Reply: well it's hayfever time and if you tell a story it should be of today... Thank you for the comment

Sharon De Vore 20 May 2014


Artist Reply: Thank you sharon ;) Hope you are alright and having a good time