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In respect for Human Beings

Respect for One Respect for All
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Ceiba insignis, Chorisia insignis
Taken : Oct, 17, 13.
Another lesson of Internet Life
During my internet use of internet, I've Learned much of people behaviors. Some I could understand.. others, I would not try even.
Being active,mostly in 1 site sometimes 2 mores... With VERY busy life,Yet receiving many invitation during the years to join more art-photography sites.
Knowing that I can't really being active in more then 2 sites. (TIME)
About 2 years ago, or so, I joined a small art-site, which was new to me, and added there my portfolio. I had NO intention, to be active there, since could not afford the time.
I received from them dozens of mails,each month,
In those mails, they try to persuade to be more active..
Or suggesting..
"Nira Dabush, you still don't have fans, to your ART "...
I had to laugh, because i have many fans from all over the world, surely, they did not really check on me, at the google... or at my site, which was part of my info at their site.
I decided, i have no time to open so many automatic mails... that wish to "SELL" me the activity to site.
After a while I send them a reply, with my feedback.
And then from their
"NO-REPLY" mail, I received an automatic reply, saying partly this : " It is auto-reply, NO HUMAN BEING, is reading your mail "
I saw this auto No- reply as non- respect for artist, or human beings whom joined their site, and decided to delete my portfolio from their site...
Perhaps the only way, to get - rid of unnecessary mails.
I usually don;t send mails to art-sites.. BUT..
I must say, that being a member at other art-sites, ANY MAIL, I send, i received a mail... usually with a solution. a normal mail, which come from someone working for the site, or even the owner of the site.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Enjoy the day! Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Joanie Holliday 24 Oct 2013


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ruth sears 23 Oct 2013

another beauty!

Marika Rozalia Seprenyi 23 Oct 2013

fabulous outcome!