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Ford Model T Racer Beat the Storm Home

Most of us don't think - I could stop there for a number of folks, but let's keep going for the Gipper. As I was saying Most or Us Don't Think About the people of a hundred years ago. I remember one of my students yonks back asking why people round about 1910 walked so funny. ??? Yeah in all the archival film of the era kids in class never dreamed cameras might have been the difference - the people have always been the same. Makes one wonder if this good looking Ford Model T Racer has always been the same. ~:0) U know the kid who asked the question wasn't dumb. That student was pretty bright. Just young and inexperienced he was. Often we never dream a technology has changed over time b/c the thing still seems to work the same. What's me point? Only that in the last hundred years we've been in a position to record humanity's march "forward". They had cameras - we have cameras. They drove cars - we drive cars. They worked hard and had children - we drive cars - Ha! There's not a lot of fundamental difference in automobiles over the last hundred years. Now roads - yes - they're much improved. And I hear the contrarians out there shouting Lamborghini! Still got four wheels a motor and seats. I really believe the Ford Model T Racer would be more fun to drive. Specially after watching the super-car crash video over at Hot Rodney's sister site. Pretty sad stuff in that video. It's a pretty awesome responsibility driving a half-million dollar, 500 horsepower machine in traffic. And that crazy video over at Hot Rodney Funnies is the pudding if ever there was proof! Sure we'd be terrified to do a hundred miles per in this whack Ford Model T Racer - but wouldn't it be fun. Sorta makes sense of the rat rod craze going on now. Hot Rods have always been for the fun adventurous type. And let's not forget - it was a madman that made and drove this wild ride just as much as those super-car drivers we're dodging today. Point is - every tub rests on its own bottom. That means - let's get after it U mad impetuous lot! ~:0) VivaChas!


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James Mann 04 Apr 2013

Chas... long time. How you doing, besides good! Nice work. I could really wrap my hands around that wheel and stand on it...... yoooooooHHHHHHAAAAA

Artist Reply: I dream of driving something like that with goggles on - wait I drive everything wearing goggles - it's a thing I like to do -- funny how U get used to wearing them all the time - - - woot! Makes want to take the windshield out maybe cut off the whole top - make a roadster pickup like back in the day - I may not sleep tonight James! Where's the reciprocating saw? ~:0) VivaChas!

Charles Jones 24 Mar 2013

Trouble is, VivaChas, kids of today have no idea what 20 years ago was like, much less 100. I think about the 'feel' of the 50's and each succeeding decade and each one is like a different world. Now wouldn't it be nice if each one had been an improvement over the last? ;) Interesting, almost illustrative, photo work, but I like it. :)

Artist Reply: Thanks for the incite Charles - U R right about strange change over the years - imagine the richness of culture lost over the last 500 years - 1000 - and more - - - oh to time travel, eh? Thanks for the comment ~:0) VivaChas!

John Cappello 22 Mar 2013

Absolutely Beautiful Antique Car & Landscape with the intricate features and colors! So Lovely, Bravo!

Artist Reply: Thanks John - it's the kind of thing U'd want to keep in Ur pocket it's so precious - maybe in the living room so U could touch it every so often to make sure it was real ~:0) VivaChas!

Elizabeth Lindberg 02 Mar 2013

Very lovely!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Beth - imagine it in the springtime with a nice picnic lunch - vroom - snack and home again - home again to tune it up ~:0) VivaChas!