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58 T-Bird in Black

One thing can be said about the 58 T Bird. Ford did just about all the custom work U'd wanna be seeing on a street ride. It's a real shame to mount license plates on the car b/c wherever they're mounted U know it's covering up some great looking detail. ~:0) I remember driving my first 58 T Bird. It was a hardtop convertible 10 or 11 years old - the car - not me. Nothing at all had been done to it in the way of custom work. It was plain dead stock and the paint had seen better days. It wasn't no rat rod that's for sure. And even as I was driving that old Thunderbird down the boulevard I could hear eyes snapping to attention as we drove by. - Ha! What a great feeling! Yeah - yeah - I hear U contrarians out there saying the ride's too soft. The 390 mill's no good. A T-Bird should be a 2-seater and all that tiresome whining out there. Complainers like that'd be belly-aching that some gorgeous babe has a trace of cellulite on her backside while he's wiping spilled fourecks off his girth. Give it a rest U lot! -Ha!!! Here's my take on life in general regarding the automobile - specially hot rods and such. If the ride's too soft - fix it! If the engine's not to ur liking - swap it! If U thinks it's too roomy inside get over it! Man some people - eh? Just saying - beauty's where U find it. And if Ur fortunate enough to have a bewdy of a 58 T Bird - start counting ur lucky-stars. It is one fab looking machine to have a nice ride with the woman of ur dreams - ur best gal. That girl u'd be taking home to meet mama as ur driving off into the sunset - preferably in the Texas hillcountry up around Bandera -Ha! Time to go cruising ~:0) VivaChas!


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John Cappello 12 Apr 2013

Great image, Awesome View, Very Pleasant looking Scene! Very Exciting and Interesting Style! Love the Beautifully Sharp Colors, Excellent Details And Most Importantly Happy energy!

Artist Reply: It's true - I'm happy and filled with NRG & it's reflected in me work - thanks for noticing John-y ~:0) VivaChas!

Elizabeth Lindberg 21 Feb 2013

Very very beautiful!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Elizabeth - it's stealthy too - Ha! ~:0) VivaChas!