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Chevy PU Too Pretty To Drive

Well here we have the entire Rat Rod phenomenon in reverse.?  This Chevy PU truck is so filled with detail and beautiful finish in every bit of it's metal body, seats, wheels and mill that it's a shame to drive it.  But it runs and drives and more importantly stops ~:0) Last week I posted a Corvette pix with the general rant that Vettes are simply too pretty to be driven by big burly men.  Now this amazing 55 Chevy PU (what's PU?  Pickup as in pickup truck - sorry) is a custom hot rodder's dream that's for sure.  It's a real pickup truck that's for sure.  Every inch of it is Chevy all the way.  But I could see ol'what'shername driving this ride b/c she like pretty things.  And I could see myself driving it.  Sorta ~:0) I mean with all that lush sparkling paint and bod detail to perfection - I'd be afraid to scratch it.  Know what I mean?  U know driving my Willys Rat Truck - no worries!  Even the Yellow Truck has been deer- banged and body-shopped!  But this Chevy PU with it's $10,000 USD paint job and spectacularly finished bod- work just might be too nice to drive.  And that no thing to do to a pickup. -Ha! So it's settled then.  This great looking - and nice driving - Chevy PU is a work of art on a beautifully finished truck chassis.  And I'll have no more discussion on it ~:0) Okay - then just this one more thing.  I can't scarcely imagine a finer ride to take ur sweetie up to the bluff over-looking the Welding Shop to watch the sun go down.  I mean it's like looking out on Paris from a multi-star hotel room.  That's Paris Texas I'm talking about.  Not that French place.  Talk about a Room with a View - bewdy! ~:0) Personally - if this ur kind of Chevy PU u should go for it and get urself a nice VivaChas! print of this street rod in the sunset.  That sky is almost as pretty as the pickup ~:0) VivaChas!

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