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56 Chevy Pickup B4 Sundown

Well here's something U don't see everyday. To prove we here at VivaChas! sometimes venture out during daylight here's a pix of the 56 Chevy Pickup truck we used in a night shot.  This one is in late afternoon when we had just set it up. There's a great spot on our property where I can stand in a hole - so to speak - and get a really low angle on the rod. Not really a hole. More of a bit of road with a drop-off next to it. Works out pretty well as I hope U agree ~:0) There’s just little that looks as cool as a Silver and Blue hot rod or pickup truck.  I think we agreed on the other image that the color’s champaign.  Oh - and the blue is what? Cobalt? Yeh - Cobalt it is.  Suits it – at least to us here at Hot Rodney Hot Rods ~:o) 56 chevy pickup trucks have always been faves of mine. U may feel the same about them. A mob of casual strollers we encountered agreed with us on that point.  Everyone's got their own favorite truck, but Chevrolet had a winner with the fifty-six. Some of U may recall we first met this 56 Chevy pickup at the Luckenbach Rod Show yonks back up in the Texas Hillcountry.  Which reminds me of something a mate put me hip to the other. Got a regional rod magazine up here that specializes in Hill Country Car Culture ~:0) U know I guess that's why they named the magazine Hill Country Car Culture - Ha! Got to subscribe to it me own self. When I find the way to go on that I'll let U know about it. For now know that they do have an unfinished website and a load of advertisers we rodders in the Texas Hill Country need to support so they can support HCCC Mag. Now I'm not posting the mag's URL just yet b/c as I'd mentioned sites not ready. But If ur in the Bandera, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, PipeCreek, Lakehills and Boerne area stop in at the parts and rod shops and demand an issue. I will occasionally post spots where issues are readily available. Look to the right and U should see one of the advertisers - Boerne Stage Kustoms - great custom work there. Another fave advertiser in HCCC that I've stopped in to visit is Brutal Off Road in Pipe Creek. Had a great chat with the owner. That's the place to take ur truck for service out in our neck of the nape. Doesn't have to be a 4x4 - think they even do the odd car - but it'd have to be pretty odd that's for sure - Ha!  Pick up a nice 56 Chevy Pickup Truck print today ~:0) VivaChas! 56 Chevy Pickup at Hot Rodney Hot Rods & VivaChas!

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