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56 Chevy Truck

This 56 Chevy Truck is a complete frame-off resto. Nothing else to be said. Nada – thas all there is to it. Good night! – - – Ha! Ur not getting off so easily. Most of U know by now that I can not cut it that short. No Way! ~:0) Well first off this is not the first time we’ve worked up a VivaChas! pix of this delightful pickup. This 56 Chevy truck (u know those were made by Chevrolet) appeared in one of our most popular prints. Seems I remember it was called Cowgirl Up or something similar. Truth is – I think I like this pix more. It’s got that amazing sunset! The truck is parked on a bluff overlooking Medina Lake over on the Bandera County side. Yeah I know U can’t see the lake in the print. That’s b/c night’s coming on and the lake is down the hill a bit in a dark canyon. At least it’s a cove of the lake. The body of water is quite large and split b/tween two counties in the hill country. Oh – that’s in Texas. Some might not have known that ~:0) Course another reason the lake may not be visible in the shot is the drought that’s been going on the last couple yonks. Doesn’t seem all that dry to me. Back home it’s so dry that when the monsoons arrive we all runs outta the local – fourecks in hand – and does the happy it’s raining dance. Cept for Trevor – he’s not so easy to impress. Seems to me up here in the hills it’s rained some. Just not enough to keep the scenic lake brimming. Still – it’s a great spot for sunrises and sunsets and general rocky foregrounds and tree lined backgrounds. That keeps me pretty happy as a photog of hot rods and rat rods and such. ~:0) Anyway – there’s nothing like a nice – mostly stock appearing – pickup in the form of this nice 56 Chevy truck. It’s a whole nother kind of driving, parking and sunset watching than a modern pickup. Commemorate the nostalgia! Get urself a nice print. It even has Chevrolet emblazoned across the tailgate for all u Chevy fans. ~:0) VivaChas! 56 Chevy Truck at Hot Rodney Hot Rods & VivaChas!


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James Mann 08 Jun 2018

hey Chas... I had a '58 stake body w/350 for a bunch of years... loved that truck. Where are you... what are you up to these days ????

Artist Reply: Hey back at cha James! - I'm deep in the heart of Texas Hill-country! - I spend a lot of time at RedBubble and FineArtAmerica but you've inspired me to spend some time here as well! - Yeah! Stake Bed - great handy truck!! ~;0) VivaChas!

Elizabeth Lindberg 28 Jan 2013

All your work is outstanding and beautiful but there is something special about this one. Excellent wonderful work you do.

Artist Reply: Thanks Elizabeth - U should see the table I just finished - not bad if I say so me own self - Ha! Truth is Photos is the only place I'm worth a thing - thanks again Elizabeth ~:0) VivaChas!

Neil Higgs 26 Jan 2013

Very nice work Chas...

Artist Reply: Well Neil thanks many - my work is what gets me up in the afternoons ~:0) VivaChas!