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23 T Hot Rod In The Sky

How many hot rods can be balanced on the head of a pin?  I don’t know if we’re going to fully answer that age-old question in this venue.  But when it comes to a 23 T Hot Rod like this Turquoise bewdy I’m always willing to give it a try!  And why not!?! ~ :0) Point I’m making by mixing the old metaphors is that when speaking of angels and pin- heads the answer always is – as many as necessary!  And when it comes to hot rods, rat rods or any rolling stock at all, there’s a lot more art to it than science.  Stick with me on this as I explain.  There have always been discussions - arguments - on the subtleties of concepts.  Seventeen-hundred years ago it may have been the concentration of angelic- beings in any given space.  That’s the angels and head of a pin argument.  In this forum today we’re addressing the “what the heck is a hot rod anyway” question I guess – Ha! I chuckle at the question surrounding this 23 T Hot Rod b/c what does it matter how detailed or meaningful our understanding of someone else’s definitions about rodding as long as we’re having Fun.  Let me digress just a bit.  Other day having a chat with a person I thought to be a fellow sojourner only to find them to be what I politely refer to as a contrarian.  ”What’s a contrarian?”, you ask.  Well, that’s a person who seems to believe a conversation about the mundane must be riddled with argument and counterpoint   And sometimes that’s charming – NOT! – Ha!  Nah – guy’s cutting too fine a point on his definition of a hot rod.  ”Gimme a break!”, I sez to ‘im.  ”This stuff’s supposed to be fun!  What possible dif-in- def can it make how fine a line a buff cuts when it comes to “Old School” – How many Peddles – Kind of Paint – Size of Tire (tyre) a rod has.  I’m lucky I remembered the rod pictured here is a 23 T Hot Rod.  What’s the dif between a 23 and a 24 anyway?  - Ha! I’m sure someone out there knows that one and is chomping at the bit to tell us – Ha! I’m just saying.  If U get off on hyper-analyzing (notice the key word here is anal ~:0) – Anyway if U gotta beat folks over the head with Ur brain- power or even ur narrow- mindedness maybe U oughta take a long hard look in a mirror for traces of a crown.  Get a life I say.  And when U catch me being a bleeding bore like that – let me know okay? – Ha! Too Late!  Yeah I know.  I’m ranting again.  Well it’s Monday Right!  - – - U know I gotta stop writing about this particular topic and move on ~:0))))) Hope U enjoy this coool little 23 T Hot Rod in the Sky with Turquoise – so to speak.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if U got urself a nice 16 X 20 (inch) print of it.  It’d look great up on Ur wall and that I do know for sure! ~:0) VivaChas! 23 T Hot Rod at Hot Rodney Hot Rods

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