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Dodge Challenger Sundowner

The Dodge Challenger has known a great deal of popularity during its reign on the world's roads. Seems there was a movie or two touting the muscle car's attributes. Yeh there was a Dodge Challenger in The Pussycat Dolls: When I Grow Up, Music Video. That's not really a movie though is it? Then there was that Challenger in the flick Gone in Sixty Seconds - the original. Don't really remember anything but that Mustang in the new version - Ha! Speaking of Dodge Challenger in the same breath as Mustang, who can forget the chase scenes from that great Steve McQueen film Bullet! (Bullitt?) Man the sound alone was worth the price of admission back in the day! But wait! That was a Dodge Charger not a Challenger! That was back when those muscle cars were the size of an aircraft carrier. I remember the time I was lining up for a landing only to discover it was a '68 Charger and not our carrier. That was an exciting day! - Ha! ~:0) Yeh it was a 1970 Dodge Challenger in Vanishing Point (1971). Now that was a Challenger for sure. Challenged the road. Challenged the coppers. Even challenged me endurance to sit through a vid about roads and cops and futility. Woof!!! Though I must say Stunt Man Mike's twenty-minute chase scene in Death Proof in that '69 Charger was spectacular. Though again a Charger is no Challenger. Or maybe some might say a Dodge Challenger is no Charger - if U know what I mean - Ha! ~:0) I know there are some Dodge Viper SRT-10 fans right now thinking of the chase from Wanted in 2008! Angelina Jolie Leaning out in all that traffic to shoot back at her pursuers. Yikes!! What a woman! What a Car!!! Why doesn't ol'what'shername do stuff like that? It's not for lack of encouragement on my part I don't mind telling U! ~:0) Anyway - this Dodge Challenger is pretty slick. And we were lucky to catch it with a dark storm on the horizon and night coming on. I'm not even sure if this showy ride, which is by no means a rat rod, would be considered a street rod or a hot rod. Street Rod - yeah - it's a street rod - though many would call it a muscle car. Personally I prefer the Street Rod monicker for this lime green Dodge Challenger - suits it ~:0) VivaChas!

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