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Turbo World

This one of my favorite images.A place where naturally generated energy is created.Because of the content of this world it is tinted green representing a cleansing element.

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Maggi Carstairs 03 Oct 2005

Breathtakingly beautiful....your work really has the viewer looking right in...Its wonderful

Artist Reply: Turbo World is one of my favorites.I like to think that different areas of the image have various activities and points of interest like tourist guide.Every new visit brings a new adventure. TURBO WORLD runs on 100% natural energy.In Fact we've developed a method of converting everyday air into TURBO ENERGY.It's also wireless and the current is always safe and self regulated but also self motivated.It's operational programing is governed by its natural enviorment. Too bad its not of this world but TURBO WORLD.Where Energy is Natural and FREE.

Peter Kripgans 14 Jun 2005

You are right - it's one of my favorites too!

Andree Lerat 06 Sep 2004

Very poetic image. I love all of your work because is out side the box. you're unique in your thinking and gentle philosophy.

S. Currier 05 Sep 2004

***WoW*** this is so intriguing.. the mystery of this precious, entrancing colorful piece is spellbinding.. I sat here for a few moments and it helped me take my mind off the voices in my head that keeps telling me that I have other things to do. I really need to be enchanted every once in a while or I'll be bossing myself around endlessly.. to the point of sheer pain. This artwork is like taking a mind enhancing vacation!

thea walstra 05 Sep 2004

beautiful work Lenny