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Green 37 Ford Hot Rod

The Irish have blessed the world by lending us their great wit and tenacity along with a liking for all things emerald in color ~:0) We certainly had the Luck of the Irish as we worked on this stunning Hot Rod I first saw at the Alzafar Shrine Custom Car, Hot Rod & Rat Rod Show in San Antonio Texas some days back. This shoot was a challenge from beginning to end and only the sheer tenacity of our Irish friend Gwen carried the day – or night I should say – we shoot a lot in the evenings. This bewdy of a ride has it all – a souped-up engine that looks more like a work of art than a seething power-plant in a hand-built Hot Rod. The only thing better than seeing this amazing custom car in person is own a print of it from VivaChas! – How can U live w/0 a massive pix of this car on Ur clubhouse wall – Mmm! It’s a sight to see and that’s for sur-n-go-braugh ~:0) VivaChas!

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Karen Helsing 19 Mar 2012


Artist Reply: Thanks Karen - usually only me mom calls me Gorgeous - - - oh! U mean the pix - oh - yeh thanks that's quite the complement - thanks again ~:0) VivaChas!