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Ticket To Ride

Well Saturday night and a mob of us was enjoying a nice bit of the Fourecks and munching guacamole dip with some lovely chips (crisps to those outside South Texas) out on the deck watching shooting stars – or maybe we were just shooting the breeze when the topic of music and love came up and natch, somebody brings up the Beatles (early-beatles). Well we were off to the races! Rubber Soul – The White Album – back and forth all night – Great Fun! Whenever I think of the Beatles I have to whip out m’ kerchief and sing a solo of She’s Gotta Ticket To Ride – It’s a fave… well, it’s my fave anyway. That lyric – it’ll adjust yer thinking for you – sure! Now ol’what’shername – J-J – prefers Karen Carpenter’s version and I gotta admit that sometimes so do I – I admit it – It’s Good! So Long – Short, we all decides we’re going to make a photo of Ticket To Ride. My new friend Dav and his old-lady lends us their cherry 59 Chevy Impala for the shoot and off we go onna trek to find the perfect stretch of road to re-enact the song – and here it is – shot as usual with the trusty Canon G11 – great cammy BTW – used wide-angle lens (RAW info says it was 6mm) on the car and then built the rest using a Ball-peen hammer and m’ fave version of Photoshop with more layers in it than most of you have ever even seen, for a fun night shot of how it all begins when – - – are ya ready for this? I think I’m gonna be sad, I think it’s today, yeah. The girl that’s driving me mad – Is going away. She’s got a ticket to ri-hide, She’s got a ticket to ri-hi-hide, She’s got a ticket to ride, But she don’t care. Woo-Hoo! – Roll Up – Roll Up – - – Ladies and Gents! Let’s Give A Great Big Thanks To The Beatles and She’s Got A Ticket To Ride! AND!!! Me for me fave pix to go with one of me all time fave tunes – Ticket-To-Ride ~:0) VivaChas!


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John Cappello 18 May 2015

Absolutely Extraordinary!

Artist Reply: Thanks John ~ that's just what me Mum allis says about me ~ Ho! ~;0) VivaChas!

Karen Helsing 21 Aug 2011


Artist Reply: Yeah Thanks Karen - too bad you can't see a blow-up of this one here at AW - pop over to vivachasdotcom and click the pix and it'll get bigger so you can see it better - could use the hits there - just sayin' - Thanks again K - I had a great time doing this pix from the shooting and working - heck of a lot of work though - may have to rest up - Ha! No rest for us, eh? ~:0) VivaChas!

jamie winter 21 Aug 2011

very amazing, the car looks like it is moving at hight speed. incredible. how do you do that!

Artist Reply: Yeah Jamie there could be more visual speed indicators in the pic but I just got tired of working on it. It's the same methods one uses in an illustration, cartoon or painting -- just using digital painting methods and the magical power of the camera, photoshop and eye-of-newt - Thanks for stopping by ~:0) VivaChas! (p.s. go over to the website and look around - vivachasdotcom - I could use the hits ~:0)

M Smith 20 Aug 2011

Awesome work of art; beautiful memories, music, cars, people we knew way back when.....

Artist Reply: Thanks M - much appreciated ~:0) VivaChas! - - - pay the site a viz ~:0)