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I don't remember reading any Tubby comics, but those Little Lulu comics sure were good.

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Rob Slijkhuis 16 Jul 2005

Very nice!

Sidney Hipple 01 Sep 2004

The greatest imagination I know of strikes again.Istill remember the first few lines of the Lulu theme from T.V.

Mike Valle 24 Aug 2004

LOL.. thats so cool XD

paul pagaran 23 Aug 2004

Ha! Ha! Very charming. A sense of childhood in the U.S. and our invention of comix. The smoking animation is just the right accent, keeping it simple yet loud. (Instead of say a rumbling table or sparks.) Boy, whatever happened to ten cents, huh? But you've captured the targeted character precisely.

BA. Davison 21 Aug 2004

Really cool...nice retro..I love it