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The Mutant Epoch cover art

Four adventurers fight their way through the ruins of Las Angeles. A pure stock human in relic armor wields a blazing infantry served chain gun, a cyborg with an assault rifle weapon arm covers their right flank, while a beautiful ghost mutant woman unleashes electrical pulse beams at other off-camera opponents. They are backed up by an enormous freak with a crab pincer for one arm, a diminutive lower arm and a huge axe wielding left arm. They face incredible peril in their quest to survive in the mutant epoch of the 24th century. Digital painting from a hand drawn pencil drawings. This took about 60 hours as each figure was illustrated on its own layer in Photoshop. Let me know what you think. WM


Anonymous Guest

John Willis 29 Aug 2012

Excellent lighting and values and color. LOVE the border as well. Outstanding work!

Melodye Whitaker 28 Nov 2011


Heloisa Castro 28 Nov 2011

fantastic indeed

Maria Anna Machado 28 Nov 2011