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Luv Me

Luv Me or Leave Me – - – it’s an old, old song. And yet the Hot-Rod in this pix is hand built from the ground up – a total custom restoration making it – A New Car! Nah – it’s better than new! The 37 Ford Coupe was a great car back-in-the-day but they didn’t come with four-wheel disc brakes – power everything and A/C to boot – this Rod even has a brand new Mustang Performance Engine – mighty pretty. But let’s all agree on something – the car is Fab – but the lovely El Paso bewdy posing with the car is a delight to see and even sweeter in her disposition. She was very helpful during the shoot – lifting, carrying, primping and all the while wearing her lovely costume – everyone just wanted to take her home to Mama – - – well ‘cept for me – ol’what’shername said – “Don’t Even Think About It!” Think about what – I sez back – Ha! ~:0) Anyway – shot this pix out near some delightful park near the car-owner’s way – they sat off camera staying quiet and out from under foot just as they promised – a good time was had by all and we have another nice photograph up for sale over at the VivaChas! web site. If you’re viewing this pix at a third party web-site and they have it for sale – buy your copy there b/c we all need to work together to spread it around and help each other make work for everybody – - – and if Ur not spending money shame on U – U know Christmas is coming up or somebody else’s birthday – or the opening of a new club-house – couldn’t have a better picture on the wall than a nice foto from ~:0) VivaChas!


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Karen Helsing 23 Nov 2011

Well done.

Artist Reply: Thanks Karen - I sometimes have a little difficulty dealing with green - thanks goodness that turned out to be the least of our troubles that evening - Ha! ~:0) VivaChas!

Steve Farr 23 Nov 2011

Very nice, Chas! What a lovely balance of imagery, meaning one subject doesn't upstage the other! The eyes can focus on and be equally treated to both car and gal! Car, gal, car, THANKS today for two eyes!!~ ;-)

Artist Reply: I tell U Stev this sheila was a real actress - she carried off that demur persona for the foto but she was just one of the mob during set-up and at wrap - wore the same costume the whole time ~:0) VivaChas!

Ted Hammond 23 Nov 2011

Nice work Chas!

Artist Reply: Thanks Ted - sometimes it all comes together - but then there's always something to make every one memorable - hA! ~:0) VivaChas!