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Please click on the upper image to sEE clearly my feedback page here at AW.

(-1)+1+1+1+1 = 3...
As simple as that.
Not for the first time... But so many times in the past also.
I usually ignore it..
But today, i decided to post it,
Especially with the IP :
Just by the way, it was posted on an image, that all 3 counters were taken illegitimately.
Of course i can delete it from my portfolio... But then , why to do efforts...
Hey Anony.. Did i say, thanks!! ??.. you got your attention..!!

Thanks for viewing and commenting.
May you have the joy of giving comments.. and getting comments as well.
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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 09 Aug 2012

Alex H.May 28, 2011The easiest way is to go too the Image tolbaor, select image size and change the percentage for picture size. That is the easiest way, but you can also measure to pixels, inches, centimeters etc

craig moline 06 Oct 2011

I agree with basically what everyone else have said. It's so said that some people are so full of hate.

Artist Reply: I agree Craig..Thanks so much.. kind regards..

José Fortunato 06 Oct 2011

People who hides in anonymous, are at least ... non credible !

Artist Reply: Thanks so much.. kind regards..

ruth sears 06 Oct 2011

I guess the old saying consider the source would fit here,there sure are some waste of space beings out there!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much.. kind regards..

Emily Reed 06 Oct 2011

How crazy! I sometimes get similart things in my blog.

Artist Reply: thanks Emily... bored people, I guess.