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As you might have seen, I never sell my work.
Today I will, because I would like to contribute to a good work.

~Keeping things for yourself is when you are in need,

Giving is something you do when you have gathered enough~

The commission from this work will go to the Horn of Africa

Print it on a mug or whatever you choose and show how we

at ArtWanted are rich in our art and heart. Although you might not

have sold anything, you always got the encouragement to go on.

Give these people a chance and help. Please show that your heart

is at the right place. I will ask ArtWanted to send the donations

straight away to the organizations that help and let you all

now how much we did care and how much money is given.

Please see this as a call and not as a must!

When we see the beauty, places we live in here on earth
Would you like some wings and find the things you never earned
Would you see what rich is and also see those ones who’re pour
Would you still persist this live, that’s never meant as yours
Would you close your eyes in times when fallen stars drop light
Would you give the things, you have too much, when other people die
Would you show how rich you are, give heaven to their side
Would you help in Africa, give plenty people food
Would you close your checkbook, close your eyes, you always do
Would you ask tomorrow help, when all your wealth is gone
Would you say there was THAT day, I’m sorry what I’ve done


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Anonymous Guest

Angel Estevez 30 Jun 2014

You are very talented, all his works are beautiful.Wonderful artwork. Congratulations.

Artist Reply: Thank you

Linise Lisi 18 Feb 2014

wow good.

Artist Reply: Thank you Linise Lisi

John Cappello 03 Apr 2012

Again Aqua, You have us stunned with your brilliant work! How creative, Very good colors,original design Ideas & placement.Interesting too.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much with this great comment John

Elaine Cruickshank 14 Aug 2011

Such a beautiful image and a really worthy cause.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Elaine... It is time the world puts an end to the disasters for these people. Where we are concerned of our economy, they have non. Although this is far away, we also should not forget them at home.

ruth sears 13 Aug 2011

fascinating and lovely work Ben!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Ruth...