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The Trap

2011c There are different traps of all kinds, in nature and in the world we live in everyday. The word trap in itself is a scary word, it implies you've been caught,...either by the bad guys, like the spider with its web, the drug dealer with his free sample drugs, or the credit card company with its letter in the mail saying your pre-approved. Or the good guys who pretend to be the bad guys to catch the bad guys. Here we see the local police using one of natures best predators, the venus flytrap, idea, to catch car thieves! hehehe


Anonymous Guest

J.Ira Monroe 09 Apr 2012

Very imaginative. As always, this artist uses color and shading to best display his ideas. Very well done.

Heloisa Castro 23 Mar 2011

great work

Emily Reed 23 Mar 2011

What a great idea, Gregg! your work is always so humorous and full of fun!