Spirit of Fallen Leaves

This is a result of my lonely autumn walks. I walked in the transparent autumn afternoon and picked fallen leaves: red, yellow and golden brown, crispy and fragrant, with a spicy smell of inevitable decay. My senses were filled with aromas, colors and sensation of winter’s approach, when I came home, it seemed necessary that I should do something to prolong the life of all those beautiful leaves that I took with me, to retell their story – the story that was whispered in my ear by autumn spirits. Autumn spirits (or spirits of fallen leaves) are whisperers waiting in shadows of the trees. Like the old people they want to tell you a story of vanishing time and fill your heart with nostalgia. Copyright © Celebrinloth


Anonymous Guest

ruth sears 12 Feb 2012

creative outstanding artwork~

Renata Cavanaugh 10 Nov 2010

Beautiful artwork...they will not be forgotten

Calvin McFarlane 10 Nov 2010

my heart is filled.....thank You.

Marta Sarmiento 10 Nov 2010

So beautiful!!