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In every photo, I express myself differently.
Thanks for viewing and commenting.
Happy day to ALL..
Love from Israel.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Les Jobes 07 Sep 2010

Happy 46 years dear Nira! You sure don't look it, you look much younger then your birth years!! Lovely Lady - Mazol-tov!!! :o)

David Holcombe 17 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday, Nira. 46 is just a beginning most of the time. You have years of creative work ahead of you.

Sandra McClure 15 Aug 2010

Nice to see you Nira and happy belated birthday

Sigridur Bachmann 13 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday my dear friend ! You are locking so very beautiful like always !

Barry Huyett 13 Aug 2010

haPPy days R here again

Caballero Salguero 13 Aug 2010

Marvelous and unique...Thanks so much my dear friend Nira, selection photographs of great beauty,wonderful, Pepe

Steve Farr 11 Aug 2010

Wonderful pics!! You look great, Nira!!~S

John Cappello 10 Aug 2010

Young and Radiant. Nira.

lillianhibiscus 10 Aug 2010

Lovely photos of you. Keepsakes.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 10 Aug 2010

You look lovely in these photos! A very blessed and Happy Birthday dear Nira! And lucky you, you are still 3 years younger than me! Mazel tov (hope I wrote that right, lol)

Ai Shan 10 Aug 2010

Yes and beautiful in every photo:) Happy Birthday dear Nira!

Emily Reed 10 Aug 2010

Congratulations, dear Nira, on a wonderful birthday! all the best for you upcoming!


Happy Birthday Dear Friend!!!You Look So BEAUTIFUL in both photos!!!FANTASTIC compositions!!!The top one is so Classy Casual and you look so Happy!!!The bottom photo is so Elegant and Stylish!!!Beautiful Lady with Great Talent!!!Hope you and Your Beautiful Family have a great week full of Joy,Peace and Love!!!With Love&prayers,Dee&David (((((((Hugs))))) :):)

Geoff Cooper 10 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday dear Nira, you are a beautiful lady, love the pictures..

Calvin McFarlane 10 Aug 2010

Happy Day Nira. The Full Bloom.

surekha rao 10 Aug 2010

Beautiful birthday girl, Nira! Best wishes for a happiest birthday ever and many more to come! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Mary Janosik 10 Aug 2010

Beautiful, inside and out!! Happy B-day!!!!

Julie Mayser 10 Aug 2010

special photos , capturing unique you! Happy Birthday, Nira!!!

KC CHANG 10 Aug 2010


ruth sears 10 Aug 2010

you look lovely in both shots Nira,hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Olga van Dijk 10 Aug 2010

Beutiful as always! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND! Love, Light and Peace, OLGA

Katerina Koukiotis 10 Aug 2010

happy birthday dear Nira wishing you all the best !!

Ingrid Kolster 10 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday, Nira! You look soooo beautiful!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 10 Aug 2010

You're so wonderful and happy here, dearest Nirush!!! It's your day... All the happiness to you!

Thom Roslan 10 Aug 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Niri.......You do look like your 36 instead of 46....Good Genes ! So, have a very splendid day and enjoy life !

Gordon Christie 10 Aug 2010

I think you have typed a 4 instead of a 3 in your age, Nira?!

kelvin Hughes 10 Aug 2010

Happy birthday my friend have a good day

Izabella Pavlushko 10 Aug 2010

Nira, you are a Beauty !!! Enjoy this DAY! Love, Iza

Bernhard Mueller 10 Aug 2010

Great! Enjoy your day.

Beatrix Jahn 10 Aug 2010

Nirush as I know her :-))) Beautiful photos, Birthday Girl! All the best for you, chavera!!! Love Trixi

joost 10 Aug 2010

Wonderful photos dear Nira. A HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND ALL THE BEST.

Anneke Hut 10 Aug 2010

You look very happy and beautiful! Happy Birthday dear Nira, I hope your day will be as beautiful as yourself! :)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 10 Aug 2010

You are beautiful!!! Congrats dearest Nirasje and have a happy and fantastic day!!!