Teachers and i-education

a conversational piece in response to the recent teacher layoffs due to budget cuts. How do they figure out who to lay off? Low performing teachers of course...but is that so easily determined? Are we being replaced by technology. I'd love to know what people think


Anonymous Guest

Tyrone Smith 01 Oct 2017


Minnie Lippiatt 20 Mar 2011

Have you watched "Waiting for Superman"?

Artist Reply: I certainly have...and what's funny is I did this painting before I knew anything about the movie. This is certainly the key issue of today in my opinion.

Anonymous Guest 12 Jun 2010

i think if we spent even half the money we spend on bombs and death and instead spent it on educating our kids this world might be filled with a little more compassion, intelligence, and respect instead of a growing majority of just the opposite. your work here is good. keep creating!

Artist Reply: i totally agree...thank you

Calvin McFarlane 06 Jun 2010

excellent portrait...controversial issue...education in America. we are all ultimately to blame for any loss of quality.

Artist Reply: u got that right