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Celebration of Femininity

Celebration of Femininity
(4x6 inches/10x15 cm)
In the series: "Voor jou mijn kind"
(For you my child.)

(Loreena McKennitt- Ancient Pines)

I really love designing and playing around
with these simple paleolithic kind of figures.
I used a couple of my former figures in a new setting.

Normally my art evokes emotional extremes with saturated colors and lots of texture.
In this work I toned down my vibrant colors in favor of a black and red palette.
I composed a grid-like structure, and filled them in with these small B&W anthropomorphic shapes.
I incorporated a white figure on the black matting, part of the celebration.
Of course there's a lot of symbolism in each of the paintings.

This one was a gift to a friend
who helped a lot of women how to celebrate their femininity.

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2010©
This is another OLGartsProduction©2010


Anonymous Guest

Bob Caldwell 30 Jun 2010

I love the Contrast between the red and black. The design is wonderful.

tazda lawson 05 May 2010

What great concept.

David Holcombe 16 Mar 2010

The formality of the squares is set off by the whimsical lines. Then there is the suggestion of anarchy off to the side. Very intriguing.

Pepita Selles 16 Mar 2010

Wonderful art,Olga

annette steens 16 Mar 2010

Heel erg mooi!!!

Nira Dabush 15 Mar 2010

Another addition to your brilliant series, Olga.. BRAVO..!

lillianhibiscus 14 Mar 2010

Fabulous art!

Nikolay Semyonov 13 Mar 2010

stunning artwork, Olga

kathleen thompson 10 Mar 2010

This caught my eye right away, not sure what word to use, I wanna say, powerful. Great work, Olga!

Sharon Gonzalez 09 Mar 2010


kath nepia 08 Mar 2010


Sandra McClure 07 Mar 2010

Excellent Olga

surekha rao 04 Mar 2010

Marvelous paintings, Olga!

Laurel Talabere 03 Mar 2010

Very well done!! Great choice of colors and figures.

Armando Salas 03 Mar 2010

This wonderful art makes me wish to renounce to my celtic roots and become a cromagnon :-) but not sure I'll get your success.

Bernhard Mueller 03 Mar 2010

Absolutely wonderful archetypal work. You are one of the leading artists world wide - and you know this.

Robin Foss 03 Mar 2010

Very well done.

Els Lam 03 Mar 2010

Vrouwelijk, elegant en krachtig Olga!!!

Bev Chudey 02 Mar 2010

Beautifully done as usual Olga!

Maria Anna Machado 02 Mar 2010


LouAnn Knight 02 Mar 2010

Love the curves and bends and grace in this.. If I ever were to try collage this is close to what I think it would be.. Only feathery too!! This one is really appealing to me!

Frank Maguire 02 Mar 2010

Beautiful as ever Olga.

Fátima Stamato 02 Mar 2010

Marvellous artwork Olga.Yes, we can see it is not only beautiful, but also with a lot of symbolism, what makes it even more interesting.

Calvin McFarlane 02 Mar 2010

a most wonderful design. clean and resplendent.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 02 Mar 2010

Excellent work, Olga!

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 02 Mar 2010

splendid image Olga - I much like all this series

Joanna Jungjohann 02 Mar 2010

wow, v e r y y y nice and pretty and well done

Seth Weaver 02 Mar 2010

Marvelous abstract design!

Nancy Dadisman 02 Mar 2010


Annette Labedzki 02 Mar 2010


José Fortunato 02 Mar 2010

What a wonderful celebration !

Ai Shan 02 Mar 2010

Marvelous paintings...the whole serie!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 02 Mar 2010

powerful and beautiful work, love this series!

ruth sears 02 Mar 2010

very excellent work!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Mar 2010

very interesting work, dear Olga, LOVE IT ! ~Izabella

jerry carlin 02 Mar 2010

I love this four-square series! This one is especially nice!

Beatrix Jahn 02 Mar 2010

A wonderful composition, Olga!

Stefani Wehner 02 Mar 2010

Wonderfully done, Olga! Colors and shapes are sublime............

Artist Reply: Thanks Stef!