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rendered from an original photoshot, taken in Pueblo/CO 09/29/2009


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Olga van Dijk 14 Feb 2011

totally cool!

Vincent von Frese 14 Feb 2011

I's a dialley!

Michael Jones 21 May 2010

Very nice indeed.

Nira Dabush 20 Feb 2010

Indeed a DALI, Dear STEFI... Great work..

jimmy guan 20 Feb 2010

So Cool Stefani!

Eva Britt 20 Feb 2010

Wow What a nice idea relly a feeling of Dali's artwork

Aqua1955 20 Feb 2010

Marvelous work in wich Dali would find himself

Anna Marie Fritz 19 Feb 2010


Ana Johnson 19 Feb 2010

These are better than Dali! They are SUPER!!!

Steve Farr 19 Feb 2010

Very COOL!!! Me likes!! '-)

Laurel Talabere 18 Feb 2010

Great rendition -- looks like a Dali!! Also looks like my view of the world before I had my eye surgery last year!!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 18 Feb 2010

That's fantastic, Stefani!!!

Ai Shan 18 Feb 2010

Awesome work, Stef!

Maria Anna Machado 18 Feb 2010


alessandro alex 18 Feb 2010

fantastic interpretation of surrealistic image! well done!

jerry carlin 18 Feb 2010

way cool, I agree with Sharon, way cool indeed!

mel taylor 18 Feb 2010


Sharon Gonzalez 18 Feb 2010


Anonymous Guest (IP: 18 Feb 2010

The top one has soooo much character!! Love what you did...gave it a different life on that post!!

Nancy Dadisman 18 Feb 2010

it's got a Dali feel for sure.

Armando Salas 18 Feb 2010

Too hot there. I understand it :-)

ruth sears 18 Feb 2010

love it,great images!

Sigridur Bachmann 18 Feb 2010

A real MAGNIFICENT Captures ! I just love the top one !

BILL NAGY 18 Feb 2010

Very neat creation, Stef.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 18 Feb 2010

wow, is fantastic!!!! love it!!

Beatrix Jahn 18 Feb 2010

How cool is this! What a creative mind you have, Stefilein! Excellent image!

Calvin McFarlane 18 Feb 2010

you are a clever woman with a persistent memory.

joost 18 Feb 2010

Beautiful photos..Stefani.