Portsmouth NH waterfront

Carefully drawn using photo references, grid method. Accurate representation of that collection of buildings and boat.


Anonymous Guest

Beatrix Jahn 13 Jan 2010

Beautiful work Aline!

Jerry Lee Cline 13 Jan 2010

Amazing work and a wonderful gallery

ruth sears 13 Jan 2010

I too live in new hampsire,this is beautiful!

Artist Reply: Pet portraits are among my favorite things too. Where in NH are you?

Marcy Lenhardt 13 Jan 2010

Love the texture/brushstrokes, handling of the water....scale of boat/buildings a tad distracting;this viewer would've preferred simpler or less objects more water.

Artist Reply: Thanks for the comments--constructive criticism is so rare! But I'm not sure what you mean when you say the scale is too distracting--do you mean I should have placed the scene farther away from the viewer's eye? Or do you mean the scene is just too busy with stuff. Funny, but I added the boat later, then added the boy fishing. Good thing I stopped when I did!