War Widow

48 x 36 inches, framed. Inspired by the Iraq War, this is a portrait of an American war widow. "Portraiture also is strongly represented. Jerry Ross' La Vedova di Guerra won a Juror's Award. Ross paints with elegant simplicity, using few colors — black, blue, russet and flesh tones — to remarkable effect. The economy of the composition, with broad areas of single color, contributes to the mood of the painting and allows the woman's face to become the focus of attention. Her expression stays with the viewer: wistful, sad yet accepting. There is poise and self- possession in her bearing, but softness too, and a sense of mystery because of her expressive restraint" Sylvie Pederson, Art Critic, Eugene Eugene Weekly 2003

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inge casemier 22 May 2004

beautiful portrait!

joel zelikovitz 22 May 2004

excellent. Her right wrist seems a bit flat

Tom Gentis 21 May 2004

portrait tells a story.......excellent

Aleksandr Klyuyanov 21 May 2004

Smth wrong is with her right eye. It lives independently. Interesting contrast - brown vs light sky blue. The top part of the background is a bit empty. SASHA

chris green 21 May 2004

nice work