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Happy Birthday José!!

Today is José's Birthday, with these flowers I'd like to wish him a wonderful day! I think many of us know José (José Fortunato) as one of the kindest people on ArtWanted and a great artist!


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Johnny Driggers 23 Oct 2015

Very beautiful Anneke!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Johnny!

Helmut Licht 13 Jan 2014

Anneke - this is a great piece of art!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Helmut!

yves colas 11 Oct 2013

as habit a mervelous artwork,wonderfully done.all my compliments.

Artist Reply: Many thanks my dear friend! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

John Cappello 04 Sep 2012

Gorgeous Scene, So Colorful Simply Delightful and Very Brilliant artwork I just cannot get enough of.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, John! Have a great weekend! :)

Tahnja Wolter 23 May 2010

oh look at the beautiful work you've been painting! Sure have missed you Anneke. God bless you and my love to you always

Artist Reply: You are missed here too, Tahnja, where have you been? :) Glad to see you in my gallery again, thank you!

Sara Alfaro 02 May 2010

I love this painting!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Sara!

STAN SWENSON 26 Mar 2010

Wonderful painting Anneke. Thankyou for your kind comments. Stan

Artist Reply: Thank you for the visit and the kind words, Stan!

Georgio Groussis 27 Feb 2010

Simply Breathtaking Anneke lov your work Georgio :)

Artist Reply: I love your thoughtful comment, Georgio! Thank you very much!

Caballero Salguero 12 Feb 2010

Thanks so Much,Anneke. For my Happy Birthday For all. this Painting is colossal.Much force, lovely flowers. Magnificent. Well done. Best wishes. Pepe

Artist Reply: Hi Jose, I just realise that these colours look a bit like yours, don't they? :) I'm glad you like the birthday painting for your name-brother! Thank you very much my friend!

Brigitte Hintner 07 Feb 2010

Beautifully done dear it !!!

Artist Reply: Hi Brigitte!:) Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!

Jose P Villegas 04 Feb 2010

Nice composition and beautiful flowers, congratulations!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Jose!

jimmy guan 15 Jan 2010

This is so original and beautiful Anneke! You are very talented!

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it! Thank you, Jimmy! :)

Vivian Gutierrez 09 Jan 2010

Extremely beautiful. I love this one

Artist Reply: So nice to see you, Vivian! Thank you for the wonderful comment on my painting.

Yuri Yudaev 19 Dec 2009

so vivid painting! (great thanks Anneke for your kind visit)

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Yuri!

Mary-Lee Sanders 18 Dec 2009

I love all your bright colors Anneke. They make us happy!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your wonderful comment, Mary-Lee!

David Holcombe 13 Dec 2009

The flowers are each well-defined by a dark outlines. The one central flower becomes a focal point and the rest seems to flow around it. I'm sure your friend will be pleased.

Artist Reply: You make me look at my own work with new eyes! Thank you very much, David!

Joanna Jungjohann 03 Dec 2009

omg tis is so beautifl, Anneke. ur so blessed jose with much beauty and love from our amazingly lovely, talented Anneke!!~Amen sister and Im winking and sending m bday info to you too Anneke hint hint lolol marvelous piece, love jo

Artist Reply: Joanna, I love your enthusiastic comment, thank you so much my friend!

monique cooper 02 Dec 2009

Soo beautiful!! love the colors and style!!! awesome work!!!

Artist Reply: I really appreciate your wonderful comments, Monique! Thank you so much!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 02 Dec 2009

Cumpleanos a ti Jose! Fabulous birthday card Anneke!

Artist Reply: Rusty good to see you! :) Thank you very much!

José Fortunato 01 Dec 2009

I am really very ashamed for only now answer to your so kind birthday gift !!!!!!!!!!!! I apologise for my fault. I do love your beautiful floral acrylic and your wonderful words. To you and all our AW friends that also cogratulated me commenting your magnific work, my deepest gratitude. I am veryy happy with all of you. Yoou are so kind !

Artist Reply: Dear José, really NO need for apologies! I hope that you had a marvellous Birthday and I'm glad that you like my modest card and also that so many friends came by to congratulate you! :))

Bruce Combs 01 Dec 2009

Just the excellence I come to expect from you, dear Anneke. A beautiful arrangement of beautiful flowers, all created with the variety of hues that nature gives everthing that She creates, too. I especially also appreciate your choice of close-up detail for the variety of your mastery it shows us for our further study of harmonious variety in techniques and the colors, as well as great enjoyment! A fine gift for Jose. And Happy Birthday from me, also, Jose! Peace, etc., Bruce

Artist Reply: I'm happy that you like this painting, Bruce. It's quite different from my usual work, which makes me feel insecure, so the support is really greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for the inspiring words!!

Jan van Baarle 29 Nov 2009

Great work

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Jan! :)

Sandra McClure 26 Nov 2009

Beautiful tribute Anneke

Artist Reply: Thank you, Sandra!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 25 Nov 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Nelly!

Steve Farr 21 Nov 2009


Artist Reply: Hi Steve, thanks a lot for the great comment!

Tabitha Borges 20 Nov 2009

nice floating feela nd textures

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Tabitha!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Nov 2009

Thanks so much. Anneke. Bello Happy Birthday to José Fortunato. Fantastic flowers. Well done.Great colors and style. José

Artist Reply: Thank you for your always great comments, José!

Joan Wulff 19 Nov 2009

Beautiful! Great birthday gift.

Artist Reply: Hi Joan, thank you, my friend! :)

Glendon McFarlane 19 Nov 2009

Thanks for your kind comment Anneke. I'm here again and amazed at the powerhouse of color and visual artistry displayed on your pages. They are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your nice compliments, Glendon. I appreciate them very much!

Teresa Dominici 18 Nov 2009

Splendid composition...."Happy Birthday Jose'"

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Teresa!

Eva Britt 17 Nov 2009

Lovely painting Happy birthday José

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Eva!

Shakeh Sarookhanian 17 Nov 2009

Great wonderful work Anneke!Beautiful brushwork!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Shakeh!

nikos kanellos 16 Nov 2009

Wonderful Anneke!smells maturity and kindness!

Artist Reply: Hi Nikos, thank you for the kind words to my work!

Ai Shan 16 Nov 2009

So beautiful work!

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, AiShan! Thank you very much!

Phil Cashdollar 16 Nov 2009

Really great work and your paintings are fantastic...

Artist Reply: Many thanks for the kind comment, Phil!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 16 Nov 2009

Nice painting Anneke

Artist Reply: Thank you Anonymous!

Bernhard Mueller 16 Nov 2009

Anneke, you are such a nice person. This birthday greeting is amazing.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the kind words, Bernie! :)

Dennis Knecht 16 Nov 2009

Very colorful and beautiful! Den.

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Den!

Cindy Hunt 16 Nov 2009

happy flowers..lovit!

Artist Reply: Hi Cindy, thank you very much for the kind comment to my work!


Wonderful job . Thanks for sharing . ~ jennifer kessell

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Jennifer!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 15 Nov 2009

Great energy vibration Anneka. Ron Atkin

Artist Reply: Thank you for the thoughtful comment to my painting, Ron!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 15 Nov 2009

Sensuous use of colour, lush texture. Simply beautiful art!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Anonymous!

Bev Chudey 15 Nov 2009

A Beautiful painting Anneke and Happy birthday Jose!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Bev! :)

Doris Blessington 15 Nov 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you, Doris!

Stanley Layman 15 Nov 2009

Impressionist's stylings!

Artist Reply: Many thanks for stopping by and the kind comment, Stanley!

teresa ramalhao 15 Nov 2009

Anneke, I love the way you work with the colours and the lines... impressive flowers! ... and I agree with you about José! a great artist... a kind people... a "special human guy" !!! Happy Birthday too, José, here at AW.

Artist Reply: I do agree with you, Teresa, José is a great artist! Thank you for the wonderful comment!

Aqua1955 15 Nov 2009

Great work Anneke

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Aqua!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 15 Nov 2009

This is just splendid, Anneke!!! Happy Birthday, Jose!!!

Artist Reply: Hi Alberto, thank you for the beautiful comment!

Calvin McFarlane 15 Nov 2009

you are a charm anneke. not only with your brush .

Artist Reply: Many thanks for the compliments, Calvin! They are very much appreciated! :)

Nira Dabush 15 Nov 2009


Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment, Nira!

Loredana 15 Nov 2009

Stunning Anneke H/Birthday Jose :

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Loredana!

Sharon Gonzalez 15 Nov 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Sharon!

Sigridur Bachmann 15 Nov 2009

Beautiful balance and colors ! Amazing texture and composition !

Artist Reply: Dear Sigga, many thanks for your always kind comments to my work!

Barry Huyett 15 Nov 2009

haPPY birthDAY!!....good arT!

Artist Reply: Hi Barry, thanks for the compliment and the visit to my gallery!

lillianhibiscus 15 Nov 2009

Magnificent painting! Magnificent tribute to a wonderful artist! Happy Birthday Jose!!!

Artist Reply: I agree with you, Jose is a great painter! Thanks a lot, Lillian!

jerry carlin 15 Nov 2009

Love the water with the flowers! Jose is a lucky man! Happy Birthday!

Artist Reply: Jerry, I'm glad you like it! Thank you for the visit and the kind comment!

Patty Day 15 Nov 2009

Slendid art work, love the texture!! Happy Brithday Jose, have a great day!!!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Patty!

ruth sears 15 Nov 2009


Artist Reply: Many thank for the lovely words, Ruth!

jamie winter 15 Nov 2009

gorgeous work Anneke, just amazing

Artist Reply: Dear Jamie, your comments are always very much appreciated!! Thank you very much, have a wonderful Sunday!

Olga van Dijk 15 Nov 2009

WHAT A GREAT GESTURE Anneke. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSE!... Je stij; vind ik prachtig. But we also have to thank YOU for everything YOU DO to keep this community so close. THANKS ANNEKE!-Love and Light, OLGA

Artist Reply: Dear Olga, thank you so much for the sweet words! I think AW is a great community, especially with friends like you!

Emily Reed 15 Nov 2009


Artist Reply: Many thanks, Emily!

joost 15 Nov 2009

Wonderful painting and very ell done..Anneke

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot Joost!! :)

Ralph Taylor 15 Nov 2009

I like this painting I love the texture

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for the kind comment to my work, Ralph! It's much appreciated!

Stefani Wehner 15 Nov 2009

A incredible beautiful birthday-gift for a great artist. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me too, José!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for stopping by and signing the card, Stefani.

Beatrix Jahn 15 Nov 2009

Beautiful flowers, for a wonderful soul! Happy Birthday AMIGO!!! May you be happy and healthy, as well as creative throughout the new year in you life! Hugs, Trixi

Artist Reply: Hi Trixi, many thanks for stopping by and the wonderful wishes!