All Hallows Eve

Size: 22,5x42 cm Inc & Watercolour Autumn shadows conceal many things unseen to mortal eyes. Especially at All Hallows Eve they are inhabited by spirits or have the life and will of their own. Shadows mirror our souls and reveal our hidden desires, but also confuse us, distort our memories and dreams and deprive us of ability to evaluate things correctly. The otherworldly spirits are just about to enter the mind of this girl…


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Tony DiMauro 25 May 2010

Hey Alla! I'm a professional illustrator, and every year at Halloween I do a promo mailer based on the holiday... I can honestly say that this is by far the closest thing I've ever seen to capturing the entire spirit of the holiday: its history, mood, bittersweet qualities, fun vs tension, warmth vs cold, life vs. death, etc. The spirits move in almost a dance... This piece really has it all! Not an easy task by any stretch. Props!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your comment! I am glad you like it. I tried to feel and show the link between the modern Halloween and the Samhain of the ancients. But what i was really thinking about is an autumn evening, a warm fire, dance of shadows in the corners of the room and a good book of old fairytales.

stewart pawley 02 Oct 2009

I love this! So cool Alla!

Artist Reply: thanks a lot :)

Marika Antal 29 Sep 2009

wow!! So different art!!

Artist Reply: Thank you for all yor comments. I appreciate it a lot and take it as an encouragement to make some more.

ruth sears 29 Sep 2009

beautiful whispy quality to this like looking through tissue paper.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot. This is an old work, made a couple of years ago. But I surely will make some more watercolours in this "whispy" way now :)

Anneke Hut 29 Sep 2009

So beautiful imaginary, such great colours! A wonderful piece of art, Alla!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much. You have made such a nice comments on my artwork several times, I do really appreciate it. If you would like to see more, you could visit my homepage Currently I am working on an updated version wit a better layout and several functions, but the old one is what I can offer at the moment. //Sincerely yours. Alla