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Death of a Flower

A single red vased flower Jetted upright in the room From a surface sea-black table Pinned in the air by a slight breeze. The wilting sun at dusk closed The staunch tall bright flower And faded its reflection from The window, smiling horizon. At dawn the flower struggles For its shortened height and The sun, its bolder bright, just Easily holding in the sky. The flower bending, curves And arches, pillows gently From the air, and flattens on the Table top below the horizon sun. I said that!

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Anonymous Guest


Amazing work . Thanks for sharing . ~ jennifer kessell

lillianhibiscus 08 Sep 2009


ruth sears 08 Sep 2009

I love the poem and the painting is a knockout!

Beatrix Jahn 08 Sep 2009

:-)) xox

Artist Reply: Thank you Trixi, I've missed you today!

Anneke Hut 08 Sep 2009

Well, this shows that you are multi-talented, which doesn't surprise me at all!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Anneke, art is all around us, and in all of us! Now a question: what would it take to stop the Chinese from skinning live dogs and cats? Do you think people care enough that they could go just ONE WEEK and not buy anything imported from China: no toys, no clothes, no farmed fish, no paint nor brushes, no cheap tools, nothing! I saw the film on this years ago and will never get over it. Never!