Also known as the red panda. Drawn in The Zoo at OekakiCentral.


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George Banks 21 Oct 2009

Super beautiful...

Artist Reply: Thank you George! :)

Joan Wulff 20 Oct 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you Joan! :)

Loredana 20 Oct 2009

Absolutely adorable Laura ..BTW...Love your portfolio Portrait :)

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Loredana! I'm glad you like it! :)

Cheri Laffre Stewart 10 Sep 2009

We had red pandas at the Nashville zoo, really cute little guy

Artist Reply: I've never been fortunate enough to see one in real life; I had to consult Wikipedia as a reference for this ;) Thank you, Cheri! :)


BEAUTIFUL!!!Soooooo Sweet!!!FANTASTIC Digital Artistry,Laura!!!,Dee&David :):)

Artist Reply: Thank you for your great words, Dee! :)

Bruce Combs 06 Sep 2009

How delightfully sweet, Laura! I am very curious about the name, though. Did his/her parents really want a fox? Seriously, Laura, what a superb drawing! I think, having peeked ahead already, that maybe you actully prefer animals to people! Can't fault anybody for feeling that way -- frequently! Peace, etc., Bruce Combs

Artist Reply: Well, the Red Panda is actually referred to as "Firefox" as well, because it kind of resembles a fox (almost more so than a panda) and is red like fire. Thank you for your nice words about my drawing! :)

ruth sears 06 Sep 2009

very nice work.

Artist Reply: Thank you for your kind words :)

lillianhibiscus 04 Sep 2009

Adorable! wonderful work!

Artist Reply: Thank you for your kind words :)