Artist Point Falls in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Thomas Moran painted these falls and because of the art he created in Yellowstone ,congress created the National Park system..... absolutely breathtaking to be there and take a photo of what he must of seen back in the 1800's


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John Cappello 14 Sep 2012

Very excellent in colors.Spectacular Looking,Excellent Clearness and Execution.

Artist Reply: Thanks John so very much

Karen Johnson 20 Aug 2009

Amazing picture, i can't work out if it's a painting or photo? Brilliant stuff

Artist Reply: It's a photo but looks like a painting because of the evening light thanks for your comment...

Anna Marie Fritz 14 Aug 2009


Artist Reply: ty Anna but it is a photo but it does look like a painting,,,,amazing to me

Robin Champagne 09 Aug 2009

It is just wonderful! I love the light on the pine and you were able to portray the depth so well! I should have asked you for help before I finished my horse picture! HAHA!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for the nice comment and happy creating.........

Loredana 09 Aug 2009

Magnificent Work Sandra

Artist Reply: Thanks for your wonderful comment

Nira Dabush 09 Aug 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your encouragement Nira.

Anne Vis 09 Aug 2009

Wonderful work, Sandra!

Artist Reply: Thanks Anne so very much.....

Mike Helechu 09 Aug 2009

Very nice Sandra. This works for me because of the muted, misty colors juxtaposed with the bright green conifers. What a breathtaking view. Well done.

Artist Reply: Thank you Mike. I appreciate your comment........

Robert Cobb 09 Aug 2009

Oh my gosh...incredible scene..just magnificent Sandra!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Robert. It was very inspiring

Kovács János 08 Aug 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you so much and have a happy week creating...........

Julie Mayser 08 Aug 2009

Gorgeous, Sandra! I was there too... will have to find my photo of that spot. I think it was a different time of day , tho and your photo has more mystery! Donald Schrier's words bring back the uneasy feeling one has when traversing this beauty spot and realizing it could blow up any minute!

Artist Reply: Thanks Julie the colors were so wonderful at that time of day..... I' m going to do a painting soon and that is a good

Sigridur Bachmann 08 Aug 2009

Beautiful and very unique photo Sandra !

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Sigga. I was in awe of the colors

Lynn De Serres 08 Aug 2009

Magnificent artwork.

Artist Reply: Thanks Lynn

Donald Schrier 08 Aug 2009

This is really a beautiful shot of a wonderful site. It is so hard to believe that all this beauty covers one of the largest volcanoes in the world and the possible source of its end. Great shot.

Artist Reply: Thanks Donald I'm glad i got to see it before it is too late

John Swift 08 Aug 2009

WOW!! Beautiful, breathtaking shot!

Artist Reply: Thanks John it is a beautiful place

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 08 Aug 2009


Artist Reply: Thanks Nelly

Bernhard Mueller 08 Aug 2009

It is indeed a breathtaking painting. It appeared as a photo to me.

Artist Reply: This is a photo Bernhard but the light made it look like a painting and I will do a painting soon.... Thanks

Susan Marie Pieri 07 Aug 2009

amazing - you must have been in a tree to get this!

Artist Reply: Thanks Susan . I wasn't in a tree but it was wonderful to see

Sharon Gonzalez 07 Aug 2009


Artist Reply: Thanks Sharon have a nice week

lillianhibiscus 07 Aug 2009

Looks fabulous! Great shots!

Artist Reply: Thanks Lillian for the nice comment. Happy creating

Beatrix Jahn 07 Aug 2009

WOW, Pretty!

Artist Reply: Thanks Trixi it was very beautiful