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Newspaper Article & OBAMA

My friend called me and said: "HEY you're in the local newspaper!"
I had no clue!
It's an article about our New Garden Art Studio Group.
(We paint every Wednesday in a gorgeous studio in Landenberg PA)
The interviewer was mesmerized by my Obama painting
and suggested to send the painting in to the White House.

Should I?
Wishing you all a great week!
Love and Light, Olga

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 12 May 2009

Olga I love your work. You are an inspiring teacher. I love your drum head painting -- of a super nova???? -- I'll work on my own submission this summer. Have a wonderful summer. Please stay in touch by email. Ellen Feingold, M.D.

Jan van Baarle 09 May 2009

Well done Olga!

Fiona Robinson 07 May 2009

very cool!

Calvin McFarlane 06 May 2009

congratulations on the wonderful image of hope (our president) and on the notoriety.

Kamaljeet Chugh 05 May 2009

Congrats. Sure send it to the President.

Stanley Layman 05 May 2009


Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 May 2009

I vote yes as well!!! FABULOUS WORK!!!! --- Tahnja

Alberto D'Assumpcao 05 May 2009

Congratulations, Olga!!! I wish you luck on it!!!

Seth Weaver 05 May 2009

Send it too the President, Olga it is a wonderful portrait!

Mary Janosik 05 May 2009

Such a positive image. I'm sure the Obama's would love it......I vote yes, too!!

Frank Maguire 05 May 2009

Hi Olga, Maybe you should send it to Michele Obama and she could present it to her husband. It should be hanging it the White house. Best of luck, Frank.

Nira Dabush 05 May 2009

There is no question about it, Olga.. Of course send the painting to the white house, why not ?.. :-).. Here in AW, we are proud of you... BRAVO!

Loren Carson 05 May 2009

You do great work Olga. He should be very happy with the work.

Marika Antal 05 May 2009

i must agree with Thom.....

Thom Roslan 05 May 2009

Excellent piece Olga....and YES contact them.....Who Knows ? ? ?

tinsu kasai 04 May 2009

Congratulations.....Olga...well deserved...I hear anything done with Obama on's a success... Just as HE Is.....Lovely

Robin Foss 04 May 2009


Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 May 2009

SThat is me below also. I do not know why my name is not appearing...Jerie

Artist Reply: jer, you too much!!! Thanks for all your fantastic positive input as well as in class as on this website. You're one of my most promising students!!(and friends) Love and light, MOI

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 May 2009

I hope Obama or his people see this wonderful work...Maybe they will make you their official artist or the U.S.A. representative to Holland...

jamie winter 04 May 2009


tasha art 04 May 2009

my question is ... are they buying it from you? ;D

Artist Reply: Ha ha ha ;))))))) I WISH!!

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 04 May 2009

Go for it Olga...

Bev Chudey 04 May 2009

Go for it girl!

José Fortunato 04 May 2009

Congratulations, Olga. I think too, you should send it to the White House.

Delfina Mendonça 04 May 2009

I like OBAMA, I trust him, congratulations, Olga

Heli Aarniranta 04 May 2009

Of course you should send it!! Great work and truly blessed to be able to work in such gourgeous place.. Congratulations.

Johnnie Jumper III 04 May 2009

Its A really fantastick work of art Olga.

Izabella Pavlushko 04 May 2009

Congratulations, dear Olga !!!!!!

Kovács János 04 May 2009

Congrats'' :))

Olga Dmytrenko 04 May 2009

Congrats, my dear - awesome!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 04 May 2009


Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 May 2009

YES you can, Olga! xx annette steens

Joke Schotting 04 May 2009


Artist Reply: je bent een schat!! Dank je wel lieve Joke! Love and Light, OLGA

Ai Shan 04 May 2009

Great artwork, Olga!

Anneke Hut 04 May 2009

I think Obama should meet this special Dutch artist! Why don't you bring it yourself? I'm sure he will love it!! :)

Sharon Gonzalez 04 May 2009


lillianhibiscus 04 May 2009

You should send it to the White House. Magnificent! Congratulations Olga.

Barry Huyett 04 May 2009


Beatrix Jahn 04 May 2009

Olga'le...fantastisch!!! Gratuliere Dir von ganzem Herzen! Du bist einmalig!!!! And one day Ill be there for the soup *grin* xoxoxox

ruth sears 04 May 2009

Yes congratulations olga,wonderful!

Patty Day 04 May 2009

Congratulations!!!!! Awesome just awesome!!! YES YES

Stefani Wehner 04 May 2009

Congratulation, Olga!!!!!!! and YES YOU CAN!!!!!

Armando Salas 04 May 2009

"Her Dutch heritage -evident in her accent..." :-)))) This isn't the only notorious detail but also looks like you've another pair of eyes under your hair that need glasses:-))))) ---I already wrote to you in my e-mail, congratulations for your well deserved success. Yes, YOU CAN. Who could doubt about it?:-)