LVMPD–Protect the City Recruiting DVD cover

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department bagan a new recruiting campaign in 2008, "Protect The City". Exec. producers – R & R Partners. Having worked with me before, I was again asked to create the DVD cover design. They said, "We have full faith and trust in your work, you have complete design freedom, we know whatever you do will look great." Man, if that didn't put pressure on me... I wanted to keep with the black and white, "Sin City" look that was throughout the campaign (posters, web design ""), but also give it a little punch with some color in the main image. To stretch furthar, I enlarged the main vehicle, having it go off the page which served two purposes; 1) it openned up the design, giving it movement–keeping the action going. 2) With the car facing right and pointing down, the design follows the views pattern of site. Going off the page adds feeling of whats next...look inside.


Anonymous Guest

Anna Marie Fritz 30 Apr 2009

One can see the work put into this exceptional CD cover!

Renata Cavanaugh 30 Apr 2009

Wow this is really cool Patrick! Congratulations