First Prize Painting

This painting of the University of Delaware gardens on the Wilmington, DE campus won 1st prize in the non-professional category at the Center for Creative Arts Members Show, April, 2009!


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John Cappello 25 Jul 2012

Divine images.Well deserved#1 These Gems are Great !

Katerina Koukiotis 27 Aug 2011

congratulations it's beautiful !

Elaine Cruickshank 22 Feb 2011

What a stunning painting. The prize was well deserved.

LouAnn Knight 20 Feb 2011

Prettier than any photo.. This is awesome and truly deserves the Blue Ribbon !!

AVE HURLEY 15 Feb 2011

Great use of light and color~ very inviting scene~!

Sigridur Bachmann 31 Dec 2010

Wow ! Beautiful work with stunning light and shadow ! Congratulation Jerie !

Joan Wulff 17 Oct 2010


Ann Fawssett-Atkin 11 Jun 2010

Congratulations...well deserved.

jimmy guan 30 Apr 2010

Well Deserved Jerie!

Marika Antal 28 Mar 2010


Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 23 Feb 2010

Felicitations! It's lovely!

annette steens 15 Sep 2009

congratulations! Peaceful piece of art!


CONGRATULATIONS on this Masterpiece of art,Jerie!!!Your Artistry is Masterful and Great!!!BEAUTIFUL!!!,Dee&David :):)

Ambrus Diossy 02 Jul 2009

Awesome Jerie, Congratulations!!! it's a wonderful work ;)

Barry Huyett 23 May 2009


Lisa Bell 16 May 2009

Congratulations! You have captured the light wonderfully!

Nira Dabush 24 Apr 2009

HO WOW, Jerie.. By chance I see this . This painting is truly magnificent. I love it's framing as well. MAZALTOV!! Congratulations my friend.

Patty Day 08 Apr 2009

Wow!! Awesome just awesome! Congratulations....

Alberto D'Assumpcao 08 Apr 2009

Congratulations, Jerie!!! Wonderful painting!

Kathy Albright 06 Apr 2009

Fantastic painting. Well deserving of first place. Congratulations!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Apr 2009

I love this picture. You deserve the award! Joyce Bischoff

Tia Antoniades 05 Apr 2009

Congrats!! You deserve it. Beautiful work.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Apr 2009

Jerie, congrats girl! Not just the prize and your wonderful work but you finished one!! You have come such a long way, I always knew you had it in you. When are you going to start giving paid lessons? Sandee

Brenda Loveless 04 Apr 2009

wow...congrats and well-deserved honor!!

Stanley Layman 04 Apr 2009

Wonderful news! Turn Pro!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Apr 2009

Congratulations, Jeri. I have always loved your work. So glad you have won this well deserved award. Your other pictures are absolutely lovely also. rhoda

Reba McDonald 04 Apr 2009

Congratulations Jerie.

Olga van Dijk 04 Apr 2009

CONGRATULATIONS MY DEAR FRIEND!! You sooooo deserve this. First price WOW.... My pic of the day of course.... Thank you so much for coming over to my exhibit. Your chocolate strawberries were to die for. Love you Jer! So proud of you! --Love and Light~ MOI

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 04 Apr 2009

congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful work!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Gonzalez 04 Apr 2009


Anneke Hut 04 Apr 2009

Congratulations Jerie! It's a wonderful painting with beautiful sunlight!

Beatrix Jahn 04 Apr 2009

Congratulations Jerie! Well deserved! Beautiful work!

Armando Salas 04 Apr 2009

Congratulations, Jerie, I'm so glad! I always considered you as one of the most brilliant artists here.

Emily Reed 04 Apr 2009

Congratulations, Jerie!!! This is a much-deserved honor! I am so happy for you!