Purple Design


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tim linville 09 Jan 2006

This would look really cool as patio shades!Let's go into business!

Solar Ic3 14 Sep 2004

Love the design...

Lenny Hall -REBEL ARTIST 28 Apr 2004

This has an interesting vibe.

steven patt 21 Apr 2004

wow thats cool hurts my eyes a little though oh and thanks for the comment on my biomech.

cile bailey 16 Apr 2004

I think this id just wonderful. It could not be improved on. Cile

craig moline 12 Apr 2004

Awesome design!

Dawn Landrum 06 Apr 2004

Great choice of color and scheme

maggie koons 05 Apr 2004

very good job

Robert McDaniel 04 Apr 2004

Great picture!

M. Kirk 03 Apr 2004

Not a big fan of these sorts of works but this is truly lovely! Excellent job.

Artistic Designer 02 Apr 2004

Hey, wow!! I really love this design.

Anonymous Guest (IP: ) 16 Mar 2004

I love it, Would love it even more on weed