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Rangers of the Oldkingdom V

Frances Devan is the last in the line of a Noble house of The Great Kingdom. The only true noble born that could clime title to the Throne of the Old Kingdom. To Murder her was as good as to start another Noble Rebellion. So the Mad King devised another way. He gave her land, and a Rangers Posting in the most dangerous part of his Realm. The Hellion Hills. Most assuredly a death sentence, with out proclaiming one. To his frustration she still survives, and visits his court at every opportunity.

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Nancy Jeresko 12 Oct 2009

why am i being robbed

Carliss Mora 23 Aug 2008

Some women just outght not be flayed with. Ralph, it's a well done image!

Teresa Dominici 15 Aug 2008

Excellent work.

Loredana 15 Aug 2008

Amazing work I love this ..I missed allot Ralph :

T.D. Ruley 14 Aug 2008

totally diggin this pic, dude!