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Skûtsjesilen (pronounced "skoo-jee-zee-lin")
is a race between 14 traditional sailing ships; it is held in the north of Holland
(in the province of Friesland), at the end of July/ beginning of August.
This race attracts thousands of visitors each year.

This is an other oil impasto.
Since an oil impasto would take up to a year to dry, I first used a modeling paste
to texturize the canvas.
Then I painted this oil with big rough bristles (dry brushing technique)
and lots of different palette knives.

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2008©
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

YLLI HARUNI 09 Sep 2010


sumanta hutait 28 Aug 2009

i just love it olga

Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Apr 2009

Bold colorful Olga RV

Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Apr 2009

Bold colorful Olga RV

varvara stylidou 23 Oct 2008

Impresive art and your work Olga

DeShawn Robinson 17 Aug 2008

Lovely work ...beautiful colors!!:)

Volinschi Sergiu 04 Aug 2008

I love sea, too...your artwork it is essence, so powerful ! ...this red, one would suppose that the sea burning!

Francis Rivera 03 Aug 2008

Wow! A beautiful painting! ^_^

Aqua1955 01 Aug 2008

Great way of painting these ships. It is tipical for the start of the Skûtsjesilen. Time for all those Americans to watch it live and see what beautifull and realistic work you made.

Analua 31 Jul 2008


kath nepia 29 Jul 2008


Lior Goldenberg 29 Jul 2008

Absolutely stunning!

Ora Moon 29 Jul 2008

Excellent, this is by far one of your very best paintings! BRAVO! :)

Donald Schrier 29 Jul 2008

So much detail and a wonderful use of colors. Very beautiful work.

Seth Weaver 29 Jul 2008

A work full of life and excitement. Stunning, Olga.

Jan van Baarle 29 Jul 2008

Een juweeltje! My POD!

Nira Dabush 29 Jul 2008

Expressive energetic, summery scenery, dear Olga. Love & light to you and yours, Nira

MJ Mitchell 29 Jul 2008

I LOVE the colors and movement - absolutely gorgeous work of art - magnificent Olga!!!

Izabella Pavlushko 29 Jul 2008

Olga, you so well conveyed the state of this event. Bravo !!! The light is just coming from inside. GREAT !!! ~ Izabella & Nikolay

Fiona Robinson 29 Jul 2008

love it, like all your paintings it's alive with colour!!

margaret mckeehan 29 Jul 2008

Beautiful work, very well done

Roy Boobyer 29 Jul 2008

Vibrant an beautiful Olga!

Thom Roslan 29 Jul 2008

Totally "stunning" indeed Olga....Love the free-flow of your colors WOW ! ! ! It's like a kaleidescope of color......Just beautiful !

Anneke Hut 28 Jul 2008

I love the sky!! It's wonderful to see the business of this day, all the skutsjes crisscross sailing. :)

Jim Cabay 28 Jul 2008

Olga, you know what I'm thinking....I can'nt wait till I can afford to collect you-------Cubby

Artist Reply: Okay Cubby ... start saving..... for you there will be a special price!! Love and Light~Olga

Frank Maguire 28 Jul 2008

Dear Olga, some few pints of van Goghs blood must have sneaked [leaked] back along the bloodlines into your body and mind that you can paint like this and you didn't even have to hold your hand over a flaming candle. Does Fred know that he is married to a painting genius or does he just think you make good coffee? This is such a wonderful painting, such color and illumination, movement and sex..... there is always sex. Who can escape it? Who would want to? Luv and Laffs. Frank.

joan warburton 28 Jul 2008

This is one of my favorites! Balanced beautiful and gorgeous colors!

Mary Janosik 28 Jul 2008

This is a wonderful piece, Olga!! There is much animation in the color and the light is amazing!!!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 28 Jul 2008

STUNNING Striking Beauty!!!Brilliant Masterful Artwork,my Friend!!!,Dee&David :):)

Carmen Hernandez 28 Jul 2008

always you surprise me..well done.Olga

Bev Chudey 28 Jul 2008

Love this painting Olga!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Jul 2008


David Holcombe 28 Jul 2008

This is a bright and beautiful work. It is filled with color and movement, much like the race itself. The touches of blue bring out the dominant yellows and reds. Lots of fun.

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 28 Jul 2008

Wonderful colour Olga . Gives a great feeling of the race

Alberto D'Assumpcao 28 Jul 2008

Splendid composition, Olga!!! Fantastic colours!

leny hendrickx 28 Jul 2008

very beatyful painting! also how you comment your work with explanation text,, my complements !!!

Joanna Jungjohann 28 Jul 2008

very bold and fine at once, olga. a masterpiece!~

José Fortunato 28 Jul 2008

Wonderful series ! We can feel the race start !Bravo

KC CHANG 28 Jul 2008


Sherly J 28 Jul 2008


Annette Labedzki 28 Jul 2008

wonderful olga

LouAnn Knight 28 Jul 2008


Brigitte Hintner 28 Jul 2008

Fantastic work dear Olga it in every way !!! TOP NOTCH !!!

Petra Wohlwerth 28 Jul 2008

Incredible. Again a wonderful work.

Olga Dmytrenko 28 Jul 2008

Awesome! Love it very very much, Olga!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 28 Jul 2008


Tabitha Borges 28 Jul 2008

love the bold colors and details

Mimoza Oronova 28 Jul 2008


Ai Shan 28 Jul 2008

Beautiful and great technique Olga!

Pat Abbott 28 Jul 2008

I love the technique, gorgeous colors!

Joke Schotting 28 Jul 2008

Absoluut prachtig brilliant work my friend Olga!!

Michael Germann 28 Jul 2008

Fabulous work great color

CowGirlZen Artworks 28 Jul 2008

outstanding work!

Jerie kunitsky 28 Jul 2008

Wow...just breathtaking...

Sharon Gonzalez 28 Jul 2008


jamie winter 28 Jul 2008

this is most awesome and my pic of the day

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Jul 2008

Machtig mooi werk jouw Skûtsjesilen, Olga! Ben het met Gerard totaal eens! liefs, annette steens

Gerard van den Berge 28 Jul 2008

Prachtige sfeer en een klasse painting ; kan zo in het Cobra Museum in Amstelveen !!

Teresa Dominici 28 Jul 2008

Fantastic painting and full of colors, great composition.

Loredana 28 Jul 2008

Awesome my friend

Andrew Dragh 28 Jul 2008

Very unique style! Original!

Barry Huyett 28 Jul 2008

luv the sails!

Armando Salas 28 Jul 2008

Another Olga's jewel. This painting looks full of color, light and joy. I'm just working on the opposite ("Costa da Morte", you know). Good morning, dear friend. What about the red shoe? If it's made of Murano... perhaps you're Cinderella, who knows?:-) LOL!