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Morning has broken©

I will be in Holland for a while,
spending some quality time
with my Mother-in-law,
who is fighting the battle of her life.
Love and Light, Olga

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Morning has Broken, Cat Stevens
Pictures taken @West Palm Beach Florida

"Love Conquers All"
(Virgil, Eclogues 10:69)

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2008©
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anne Whiteway 13 Jan 2015

Olga, I love the way you photographed these trees, silhouettes against the background. So lovely! Thank you for sharing the video as well.

Miles Baker 21 Aug 2011

simply amazing! miles x

Kamaljeet Chugh 11 Dec 2009

You are a wonderful artist. I want to see more of your photographs as well.

Armando Salas 26 Mar 2009

Very beautiful shot and landscape, Olga. I read "broken" few seconds after I see "Red shoe" :-)))

Michael Easter 17 Feb 2009

so peaceful! What a fantastic photograph.

Leona Yarbrough 03 Dec 2008


Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Jul 2008


John McCracken 25 Jul 2008

I love this shot. great capture

Nancy Aldrich 14 Jul 2008

beautifull silhouette!

margaret mckeehan 14 Jul 2008

great photo I feel like going on vacation

cynthia berridge 14 Jul 2008

Olga this is gorgeous

Susana Araujo 14 Jul 2008

Fantastic image.

william maldonado 14 Jul 2008

beautiful capture..great work

Roberta Staymates 11 Jul 2008

The colors and contrast are amazing on this, beautiful capture. I hope your mother in law is doing well.

teresa ramalhao 10 Jul 2008

10-JUl-08 Teresa Ramalhao 19.30 PM Olga,you love Nature too! Amazing sunset!... The light you just took is so tender!... I also have a lot of sunsets, in my Atlantic ocean...

Nira Dabush 10 Jul 2008

What a Great shot, Olga.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 10 Jul 2008

This is a wonderful shot! I wish I was there. It's raining cats and dogs here in Wales.

NVJasmin Rodriguez Garcia 09 Jul 2008

great shot !!!I wanted to thank you for all the great comments and feedback on my work and Leo da work!!!You are so sweet as well as talented!!!

Ginger Lovellette 09 Jul 2008

Awesome! Wishing your Mom-In-Law the best!

Chas Sinklier 07 Jul 2008

So lovely Olga - best to your mom ~:0)

judit dora 07 Jul 2008

Beautiful. Gorgious shot.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 07 Jul 2008

Gorgious shot.

Stewart Fowler 05 Jul 2008

What a perfect photo Olga! brillant!.....blessings to you and your loved ones!

Steve Farr 04 Jul 2008

Very nice imagery, Olga!! Prayers for your mother!! ~S

Ora Moon 02 Jul 2008

Very lovely!

Mary Janosik 02 Jul 2008

Truly beautiful and your photos to Cat Stevens song are very well put together. May God give you and your mother-in-law strength to be victorious in her fight!! Love and light to YOU, my friend!!

Tineke Kleij-van den Boomen 02 Jul 2008

Hi Olga, I see it's not an image of the Dutch coast. I love this one. Ik wens je veel sterkte, samen met je schoonmoeder. Veel liefde en licht toegewenst ........... Tineke

Alberto D'Assumpcao 02 Jul 2008

Fantastic image and colours, Olga!!!

Lindsey 01 Jul 2008

BEAUTIHFUL! breathtaking!

renee lavoie 01 Jul 2008

stunning work Olga!

Ruth Kauffman 01 Jul 2008

Very serene and lovely, Olga!! Will be praying for you and your mother-in-law!!

Teresa Dominici 01 Jul 2008

Fantastic capture, love the effect of this picture.

Pat Abbott 01 Jul 2008

Lovely silhouettes, Olga!

Hui Zhu 01 Jul 2008


Danielle Baron 01 Jul 2008

such a great song, magestic sunset.

Blue Doll 01 Jul 2008

Stunning photo......

Francis Rivera 30 Jun 2008

Beautiful photograph! ^_^

kath nepia 30 Jun 2008


Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 30 Jun 2008

STUNNING Artistic capture!!!Fantastic Silhouettes!!!so sorry to hear about your Mother-in-law,our thoughts and prayers are with You and Your Mother-in-law and Family...Hugs...Dee&David

KC CHANG 30 Jun 2008


charlotte bowker 30 Jun 2008

Fantastic photography!!!!! I love this

Anonymous Guest (IP: 30 Jun 2008

Nice capture, Olga reminds me of how much I need a REAL vacation.

Bev Chudey 30 Jun 2008

Beautiful photo Olga. All the best to your mother-in-law

thea walstra 30 Jun 2008

Awesome light and colors!

Petra Wohlwerth 30 Jun 2008

Wonderful. I´d love to be there now.

Barry Huyett 30 Jun 2008

always a beautiful morning....great pIC!

Hassan Pasha 30 Jun 2008

have a safe flight to Holland mama van dijk .. give my kindest regards to your mother-in-law .. sending you and her my best wishes and prayers

brenden howard 30 Jun 2008

great shot olga,loverly monatone color, great song also, love cat stevens!! sorry t her about your mother-in-law,alll the best

Marika Antal 30 Jun 2008

good shot!!! love it!!!

Anne Vis 30 Jun 2008

Wonderful shot, Olga!

Fiona Robinson 29 Jun 2008

lovely capture - take a box of love and well being to your mother-in-law from me:)

Barbara j beck-azar 29 Jun 2008

i hope you find the light on the path along with your mother as she travels this journey... this my friend is a beautifully rendered photo... it does give hope... My prayers are with you.. and mother too!

Madeleine Weber 29 Jun 2008

so beautiful olga....golden light

Frank Maguire 29 Jun 2008

I am wishing you some good luck in Holland and much love. The music and photo were lovely. Frank.

Sara Deutsch 29 Jun 2008

Inspiring...makes me homesick for the ocean...

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 29 Jun 2008

I#ve seen morning just like this...Beautiful 'capture' Olga. All very best wishes to your mother-in-law.

Jerie kunitsky 29 Jun 2008

Beautiful photo...All my thoughts and prayers will be with you in Holland.

Cathy Jones 29 Jun 2008

Olga- such a beautiful golden sunset and palm trees! I hope you and Moeders have meaningful time together- I'll keep you both are in my thoughts and prayers also! Stay safe my friend!

leny hendrickx 29 Jun 2008

wonderful picture , wish i was there!

Annette Labedzki 29 Jun 2008

beautiful photo!

annette steens 29 Jun 2008

my number of cat! lovely shot OlgA!

Maria Anna Machado 29 Jun 2008 your and your work!

Anneke Hut 29 Jun 2008

May the Lord give you and moeders much strength in coming time, Olga. You will be in my prayers and thought, dear friend. Thank you for this touching music and art.

Mimoza Oronova 29 Jun 2008

Wonderful image !

Carmen Fuchs 29 Jun 2008

Beautiful image and best of luck to your mother-in-law, Olga.

Sandra McClure 29 Jun 2008

Beautiful Olga, Blessings on your family at this time.

Sigridur Bachmann 29 Jun 2008

Wow... Fantastic image Olga.!! Prayers are sent ftom Iceland. Hugs xxx.



José Fortunato 29 Jun 2008

Wonderful photos and place !

Sharon Gonzalez 29 Jun 2008


Nilantha Lokunarangode 29 Jun 2008

fantastic image

Loredana 29 Jun 2008

WoW This is stunning My friend ..You know I will be thinking of you ..Hugsss xxx

Irene Rencsi 29 Jun 2008

Lovely image! Sorry to hear your news, sending prayers from canada

Cynthia Adams 29 Jun 2008

Sorry Olga..may you find the strength to deal with this.Prayers being sent from the U.K. Hugs!!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 29 Jun 2008

impressive title and photos dear Olga. my thoughts are with you and your family.