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Upside Down© (ACEO)

I think I got stung by the ACEO bug...

I totally honor Alberto D'Assumpcao who introduced me to the ACEO's!
[“Art Cards, Editions and Originals”]
Frank Maguire is stung by this contagious ACEO bug too and is producing like crazy!
And did you see Nira Dabush 's Four Seasons ACEO's yet?
Wonderful how the ACEO fever is grabbing all of us at Art Wanted and beyond!


I love to work with the batik method to outline the abstract shapes.
The white lines enhance the colors and provide that extra bold dimension.

ACEO stands for
"Art Cards, Editions & Originals".

These cards have one main rule
- they are 2 ½ x 3 ½ inches
(6.4cm x 8.9 cm)
the size of a (baseball) trading card.

The French artists were the first to come up with advertisement on the art cards. It wasn't until the mid-1700's that the English picked up on the idea of using the Art cards for advertising.

In 1887 "baseball" cards started to appear. These early cards are now very rare and it is uncertain what they were made of. They were not mass produced. During the period 1902 - 1935 baseball was in its golden years. Cards during this time were usually sold with bubble gum, chewing tobacco and cracker jacks. As they were marketed with different size products, baseball cards were different sizes and it was not until the 1960s that the modern 2.5 x 3.5 size was standardized.

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2008©
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.

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Anonymous Guest

Maureen Bloesch 24 Aug 2009


Brandi Wilson 28 Jun 2008

great lines, shapes and colors!

Hiroshi Taniguti 13 Jun 2008

Excellent and very creative work

Gavin North 11 Jun 2008


Babis Kiliaris 10 Jun 2008

i love those small works of you. i have done some similar 15 years ago and i enjoyed them so much

luci reader 08 Jun 2008

great stuff!

Donald Schrier 08 Jun 2008

I really like the colors but do not profess to understand what the goal of the painting is. The thing is that it is popular and are filling a demand.

Teresa Dominici 08 Jun 2008

Great work and colors Olga.

Ora Moon 08 Jun 2008

Very kewl idea, love it!

pamela jones 08 Jun 2008

Like this

Joke Schotting 08 Jun 2008


Artist Reply: Ahhhh thank you dear Joke!!

Hui Zhu 07 Jun 2008

GOOD JOB ^o^ the colors !!!

Liz Robinson 07 Jun 2008

Sounds like clever stuff Olga, love the design and colours.

Cathy Jones 07 Jun 2008

love these great bold colors and the design is fabulous! ACEO looks like a lot of fun!

Sandra McClure 07 Jun 2008

Great design Olga.

Seth Weaver 07 Jun 2008

A great abstract Olga.

Lior Goldenberg 07 Jun 2008

Beautiful ACEO Olga! Love this abstract style!

Shakeh Sarookhanian 07 Jun 2008

Great abstract work !A real artwork this is !

Petra Wohlwerth 07 Jun 2008

Good idea, very interessting and good realized

Bev Chudey 07 Jun 2008

Great Olga!

KC CHANG 07 Jun 2008


Barry Huyett 07 Jun 2008

c00l...very creative!

ron sargent 07 Jun 2008

Love the colors, Olga!

Phil Cashdollar 07 Jun 2008

great work olga i really like this...bravo my friend..

kath nepia 06 Jun 2008


Cynthia DeMaio 06 Jun 2008

excellent design and placment Olga!

Fiona Robinson 06 Jun 2008

beautiful art - dont know if I'd have the patience to paint on such a small space - you do an exceptional job of it

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 06 Jun 2008

Beautiful and Brillliant watercolor works of Art,my Friend!!!STUNNING!!!,Dee&David :):)

shelly loriot 06 Jun 2008

love the vibrant colors!

Bernhard Mueller 06 Jun 2008

Olga, this is excellent. You are maybe also honoring Alberto's work with it. And now: the ACEO fever grabbed all of us.

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 06 Jun 2008

It did remind me of Alberto's work at first view.... super design and colours Olga

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Jun 2008

thinking a little about Alberto D'Assumpcao's art, can't help it! Very nice work Olga! xo annette steens

Alberto D'Assumpcao 06 Jun 2008

Excellent colours and composition, Olga!!!

leny hendrickx 06 Jun 2008


Gabrielle Stahlie 06 Jun 2008

Ze doen me qua kleuren ook aan zijdeschilderen denken. Maar hoe dan ook ... ik vind ze prachtig!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 06 Jun 2008

beautiful work!!

Olga Dmytrenko 06 Jun 2008

Great, Olga!

Annette Labedzki 06 Jun 2008

we promise we won't copy without your authorization.... can I copy this? ,it's beautiful!

José Fortunato 06 Jun 2008

Beautiful, Olga !

Frank Maguire 06 Jun 2008

The world is full of coincidence and you notice them particularly when you are feeling up in the world. Colin Wilson has written about 70 books on that and relevant subjects. I am glad Olga to see that you cant keep a good woman down.

Anneke Hut 06 Jun 2008

I went straight to Google maps to look at Pennsylvania LOL! What a remarkable coincidence that the coast line is so alike! Your cards are very beautiful, this one reminds me a bit of Alberto's work. You're both great artists!

Jerie kunitsky 06 Jun 2008

Really beautiful....great idea.

Brigitte Hintner 06 Jun 2008

Love your style and your colours are so glowing ...a real pleasure for the eye to see !!! Bravo my dear friend !!!:-)

Sharon Gonzalez 06 Jun 2008

Gorgeous, Olga! Love this amazing design of yours!

v blair 06 Jun 2008

Absolutely beautiful Olga!!!!

Jacki Bowler 06 Jun 2008

That's so clever..................... such great composition and lovely colours..... remind me of stained glass........... super :o))

michael falk 06 Jun 2008

wow awesome just awesome

philip benanti 06 Jun 2008

stunning Olga!!!!!

Matt Falk 06 Jun 2008

wow so cool my pic of the day

Artist Reply: THANK YOU MATT!~ You should try out the ACEO's!! Have a great weekend!

Nira Dabush 06 Jun 2008

Stunning work ,Olga.. love the combination of these two. fantastic presentation.

Loredana 06 Jun 2008

Most awesome As always my friend You have a wonderful weekend :)

Derek McCrea 06 Jun 2008

wow, I see it, amazing idea and color scheme, I love the use of white to make the bright colors really stand out

Joanna Jungjohann 06 Jun 2008

what extraordinary and highly clever work of interest and beauty, Olga!~