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Sea Change cover art

over art for Sea Change published by SynergEbooks


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annette steens 13 May 2008


jamie winter 13 May 2008

amazing !!!!

Elizabeth Hartung 13 May 2008

This is brilliant! I especially like the font work and the moon. And those colors...oh they are so rich!

Johnny M 13 May 2008

*Hi Kelly! Wow! A tremendously fine work...a perfect pitch of darkness that gives the composition in it a dramatic effect and feel...and your water, well, I have to say it is a match of my own water detailing I do in my own works, and I must applaud anyone who can come this close to what I feel I perfected in a realistic but very surreal reflected water surface. I give it 5 Stars and 2 thumbs up! Keep it up and raise your cup! Cheers!

Emily Reed 13 May 2008

Really fabulous! So tremendous!