genny's moon

genny's moon. Genevieve, this is Moon, says Papa. Why does she follow? Genny asks. She always follows the special ones, Papa says. Can we always come and visit her, Genny wants to know. After you're born, it will not be so easy, Papa tells her, seriously, but we can always meet here in our dreams. Will we always dream? Genny asks. Yes, we will, but we must practice, Papa assures her. After you are gone, Genny wants to know, can I still meet you here? Papa says, I might be around for awhile, Genny, but yes, my precious sweet always, and forever. NEWS: Genevieve Nancy Larsen born 04/23/08! Please sign Genny's Guestbook. Virtual Shattered Glass Technique ©2007 by Douglas Christian Larsen, Soldier On! Inspirational Motivationals, fusing the power of words with all the colors of the rainbow. Purchase. If you are interested in purchasing the fine-art prints or posters of Douglas Christian Larsen, please visit his professional portfolio at: DCLWolf @


Anonymous Guest

walt larsen 20 May 2008

very mystical as you two view the craters of the moon

Anonymous Guest 23 Apr 2008

I adore this piece. The beautiful implications both in the art work and the story are so incredibly touching and I love the pink stepping stones, outlined in red, that mark the love filled path of your journey together, a path that began before she was born and one that will continue, through the heart even after papa is gone and everytime she looks at the moon, she'll feel her papa right there with her. Your Genevieve is a very lucky little girl. ~SDC~

clystie pruden 20 Apr 2008

This is really a piece of art. Nicely done.

jamie winter 20 Apr 2008

wow i can tell your work out of others. you have an unique style. love it!!!!