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coalesce. Emerging, just there before you, coming together, fusing, yet still wavy, blurred about the edges, but you know it for what it is, despite those who tell you that you are wrong, crazy, on the wrong path, as you follow your vision before you, it is alive and well and calling. Virtual Shattered Glass Technique ©2007 by Douglas Christian Larsen, Soldier On! Inspirational Motivationals, fusing the power of words with all the colors of the rainbow. Soldier On. If you are interested in purchasing the fine-art prints or posters of Douglas Christian Larsen, please visit his professional portfolio at: DCLWolf @


Anonymous Guest

clystie pruden 19 Apr 2008

Again, this is incredible.

Teresa Dominici 19 Apr 2008

Great job.

jamie winter 19 Apr 2008

incredible work