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Waters Reflection Moon

*As I look at the scene I created here I notice that it would be quite different without a moon...I mean there wouldn't be any stars to see, the shine of the moon and the shadow of the mountain wouldn't be as it is, it would be darker, there would be a little less magic on the water as in the bright light of the moon wouldn't be dancing on the lips of the swirling waters, and the overall mood for the second that it is, would have changed anyones mood, probably to a more comfortable feeling. I guess when ones life is changing there gets to be subtle inspirations that may appear as something beautiful and calm, or could be a complete opposite....just not this time...therefore, this is my mood as such before you, I have a depressed state so my inspire is a calm, and comforted mood, and that is why I did this piece of work...to keep me here for just a little while...while I heal... ...as usual, just my thoughts ....Johnny M. *GO CHECK OUT MY NEW ARTWORK AND MY COOL ANIMATIONS! *ARTIMATIONS.COM - ENJOY MY 2X AWARD WINNING WEBSITE! -Check out Artimations.com: http://www.artimations.com/ *Check it out, don't check it out.....but check it out~ J.M.Piper © 2003 - 2008, Artimations.com All Rights Reserved


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ruth sears 22 Nov 2010

spectacular work Johnny,love the glassy look to the orb,the water and mountains are fascinating with wonderful colors,and the glow around the moon is magical,my POD!

Artist Reply: *Hi Ruth! Wow! Cool comment! Thanks so much! POD? Pick of the Day? Well I hope that's what you mean! You are so great to be able to do your works and also be able to go and write to people your opinion on the artwork submitted! Thanks so much again! Take care and have a great week!

Karen Helsing 13 Jan 2010

I was hoping that this image was for sale. The lack of purchase optioons has me disappointed to tears!!!!!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: *Hi Karen! This image IS for sale...I don't know what happened to where my price went to. If you like, send me an email and tell me how you would like to purchase this and in what form, (i.e. a .jpeg file form wallpaper or on a canvas for your wall in your home) and I'll be happy to assist you in completing this to your satisfaction! And please don't cry, when there's a will there's a way!

debbie collier 11 Mar 2008

Oh I do love this!!! Beautifully done!!!

Artist Reply: *Hi Debbie! Thanks so much! You know I always appreciate your comments! Glad you love it...me too!

Anneke Hut 08 Mar 2008

You show us outstanding digital artwork, Johnny! I love your composition!

Artist Reply: *Hi Anneke! Thanks so much for those wonderful words! It is completely my pleasure to do what I do and show it to you and to the world! I am glad you appreciate it, as do I appreciate you and everyone who says the same things you said! Thanks again Anneke!

Emily Reed 08 Mar 2008


Artist Reply: *Hi Emily! Thank you so much once again! I always look so forward to what you are going to say about my work! And your words are great every time! I truly appreciate you! Take care and have a super weekend!