Ducking the Storm

Ducks in a pond before a lightning storm in Central Oregon.


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Vernonette Gaddy 11 Nov 2011

An Awesome and a Mesmerizing picture. You are a truely gifted photographer.

John Cappello 24 Jun 2009

Taut.- Nourished.- reveals the efforts on achievements and superation, overcomes the need to give testimony of the hours of sacrifice and the number of the density of the love for the Art.

Mike Helechu 21 Jun 2009

Glad this appeared in the Pic of the Day gallery. You caught a very dramatic moment before the storm, and you were still able to coax the last bit of blue sky and rich green colors out of the scene. Very nicely done.

Josh Infanti 21 Jun 2009

your use of your surroundings, composition and exposure is amazing

Kovács János 21 Jun 2009


Susana Araujo 05 Jun 2009

Just perfect!

Joan Stohlman 20 Jul 2008

Wow! very pretty photo!

margaret mckeehan 20 Jul 2008

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg Summers 20 Jul 2008

your compositions are somehting - the lake looks alive - the water is delicious -

Kimberly Rose 18 Feb 2008


Cher Peterson 18 Feb 2008

So peaceful, and yet so ominous!

debbie collier 17 Feb 2008

Excellent catch!!!! Beautifully done!!

Leah Jaarveth 17 Feb 2008

amazing capture....

Jean M. Laffitau 17 Feb 2008

WOW! Marvellous, beautiful and dramatic...FANTASTIC!!

helen tyralik 17 Feb 2008

wonderful image

Betty Schwartz 16 Feb 2008

The proverbial "calm before the storm" Makes me feel like those ducks had better head for cover! I like it!

Gabriele Swanson 16 Feb 2008

great work Jo-Hanna

Joanna Jungjohann 16 Feb 2008

awesome photograph jo-hanna!~

Lili Segal 16 Feb 2008

Wow! Stunning shot, Jo-Hanna, beautifully composed! AmazIng reflections and fabulous skyscape!

Delores Knowles 16 Feb 2008

Excellent image. Perfect.