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Mr. Mooseman

This is a small Birthday picture for a dear friend, best known by the name Mooseman. At first I wanted to hang some little Dutch and Canadian flags on the antlers and give him some nice wooden shoes. But then, while painting, I thought, let's not try to be wittier than the master of the 'funart' himself, he is so much funnier than I ever will be.
So here you go, Mr. Mooseman, at special request, Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you will have a wonderful day and wish many more may follow with your sweet friend Thea!


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Joan Wulff 10 Feb 2014

A great gift! Nicely done!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Joan. Have a great day!

yves colas 06 Jan 2014

great painting,beautifull in every ways.wonderfully done.all my compliments.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, dear Yves! So sorry for replying so late! Hugs!

Pamela Rivera 03 Jan 2014

great work:)

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot!!

John Cappello 04 Jun 2012

Very, very nice! Enchanting.This is perfect art!

Artist Reply: Wow, you make me blush! Wonderful words, thank you!

Cristina Andrisan 13 May 2012

beautifully painted

Artist Reply: Thank you, Cristina!

Vincent von Frese 21 Aug 2011

It's a very fine painting. The color contrasts with the snow and the form is true Moose!

Artist Reply: It was the first and only moose I have ever painted! And it's probably hanging on a Canadese wall right now. :) Thank you very much, Vincent!

Patricia Griffin Brett 29 Jun 2011

This is a beautiful painting! I bet your friend treasures it.

Artist Reply: Yes, he was quite surprised by it. I'm glad he liked it. And I'm also happy that you like it. Thank you! :)

Justin Shrum 23 May 2010

wonderful job. just incredible

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for the lovely comment, Justin!

Ruby Lockett 07 Jan 2010

A difficult subject ... well done!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Ruby!

paula minnen 02 Oct 2009

great work

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Paula!

Natalia Piacheva 24 Aug 2009

Hello Anneke, Great piece, full or energy and life . Thank you so much for your nice comment !

Artist Reply: Hi Natalia, thank you for visiting and viewing my work! I appreciate your comment greatly!

Sigridur Bachmann 13 Aug 2009

Wow! Breathtaking, what a powerful impression !

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Sigga! Friends do inspire, don't they? :)

Caballero Salguero 14 May 2009

My friend, Anneke: Wonderful, animal portrait.All masterly. Bello landscape. Good color and composition. Hugs, José

Artist Reply: Hi José, thank you for looking at my moose and writing your beautiful comment! It's always a pleasure to see you. :)

Anonymous Guest 14 Mar 2009

Anneke your work is very nice!!!!!!!!! Carmen Aldana

Artist Reply: Hello Carmen, great to see you in my gallery, I love your marvellous cards! Many thanks for the kind comment, I appreciate it very much!

Sandra Jean 03 Mar 2009

All of your work is just beautiful, Anneke. This one is my favorite as Moose are my favorite animals. You've portrayed his majestic size and strength so wonderfully and then you've given him such a gentle expression. I love it! ~Blessings, Sandra~

Artist Reply: What a wonderful words to my moose, Sandra! You brighten my day, thank you very much!

Ethan Vaughn 04 Jan 2009

love the colors this is a great portrait

Artist Reply: One is always more inspired when the painting is a gift. I'm glad you like it! Thank you!

Michael Duhaime 30 Sep 2008

Love this one! Nicely done!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Michael. I'm glad you like it! :)

Cher Peterson 20 Sep 2008

Great acrylic!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Cher!

Jim Perkins 10 Sep 2008

Well done, like the moose :)

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Jim!

steven mccorkle 08 Sep 2008

Is there anything you can't do well!!!

Artist Reply: Lots and lots and lots, Steven!! :DD I thank you very much for your great comment!!

Henrique Serra 15 Aug 2008

great snow scene .. !

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your kind comment, Henrique!

caroline stevens 15 Aug 2008

This is a fantastic little painting I love it!

Artist Reply: I'm glad you do, thank you, Caroline!!

Abbygale Roblet 03 Aug 2008

Your animals are marvellous

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Abbygale!

Van Cordle 02 Aug 2008

You did a fantastic job on this!!

Artist Reply: Hi Van, thank you very much for stopping by at my place and leaving your kind comment. I'm glad you like it. :)

Cristina Bellodi 27 Jul 2008

a beautiful image

Artist Reply: Thank you, Cristina! I'm glad you like it! :)

Carolyn Taylor 15 Jul 2008

Wonderful, rugged portrait of a moose! I have seen these animals near my sister's home in Maine, and you got this one just right. Excellent snow and winter trees, too--the whole thing's perfect!

Artist Reply: I only know them from the zoo, they look like sweet animals. :) Thanks for stopping by and the kind words, Carolyn!

Stanton Manolakas 06 Jul 2008

It is really lovely. I thought it was a watercolor at first. It is a beautiful use of broken color on the moose's torso.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your beautiful comment, Stanton!

kiril Bozhkov 23 Jun 2008

Very, Very charming picture!

Artist Reply: Thank you for your kind words, Kiril.

Vivian Gutierrez 09 Jun 2008

beautiful shading ...great work

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Vivian!

David Holcombe 07 Jun 2008

This is a nice animal portrait. Your loose style still lets the viewer's eye breath a little. The orange of the antlers draws the eye as the only vibrant color. A very nice gift, indeed.

Artist Reply: Hello David, thank you very much for the kind comment!

Gerard Kramer 05 Jun 2008

Cold,Cool,nice moose,Anneke.

Artist Reply: Gerard, I'm glad you like it, I appreciate your opinion greatly!

Gayle Taylor 29 May 2008

Nice job!

Artist Reply: Hi Gayle, thank you for your kind comment!

Terri Yu 24 May 2008

Gorgeous - excellent work!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Terri!

Delia Pacheco 22 May 2008

Anneke this is the colors

Artist Reply: I was the first moose I ever painted, so it's still a bit shaky on the legs. LOL Thank you for your kind words, Delia!

Valentina Gatewood 30 Apr 2008

Very nice, real- looking Moose. Beautiful painting.

Artist Reply: Your very kind words are highly appreciated, Valentina. Thank you!

pamela jones 28 Apr 2008

Lovely work Anneke

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Pamela!

Cole McLester 28 Apr 2008

Nice painting Anneke. I love the brush stokes you've use to get the Moose fur out and about.

Artist Reply: Hi Cole, good to see you :). The fur was so difficult, it took so many layers to get is a bit like it should be, that the moose is almost moulting LOL! I'm glad you like it, thank you for your wonderful words!

Herb Roe 30 Mar 2008

beautifully expressive brushwork, lovely

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Herb! :)

John Fish 16 Mar 2008

wonderful. I love the watercolor style that you achieve with acrylics. And you really are terrific with drawing animals

Artist Reply: Thank you for the nice compliments, John. I appreciate them very much!

Gabrielle Stahlie 13 Mar 2008

Prachtig Anneke, I like the fine textures and colours.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Gabrielle!

Marja-Leena Landry 07 Mar 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Marja-Leena! :)

Ruth Kauffman 07 Mar 2008

Excellent acrylic work, Anneke!! I'm sure he liked it very much!!

Artist Reply: Hi Ruth, yeah I think he did. :) Thanks for the visit to my gallery!

Tahnja Wolter 05 Mar 2008

wonderful work

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Tahnja! Always great to see you! :)

Mark Marshall 03 Mar 2008

Very nice painting Anneke.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Mark.

Joke Schotting 25 Feb 2008

Brilliant work Anneke great birthday present for Ted!!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Joke, always nice to read your words! :)

Greg Vilton 23 Feb 2008

How lucky your friend is, Anneke! It's a wonderful birthday present.

Artist Reply: Hi Greg, great to see you here! Thank you for the kind words.

Ginger Lovellette 21 Feb 2008

What a lovely gift!

Artist Reply: It was fun to do! Thanks for stopping by, Ginger.

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 17 Feb 2008

BEAUTIFUL Wildlife Painting!!!Superb Artistry,Anneke!!!Bravo!!!Fantastic Gift for Your Dear Friend!!!,Dee&David:):)

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your kind comment!

ismail üner 17 Feb 2008

çok guzel tonlar.super.bravoooo

Artist Reply: Ismail, tesekkür ederim! :)

Joanna Jungjohann 13 Feb 2008

oh Anneke this is so beautiful. marvelous work by a beautiful person. thank you, jo

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Joanne. I really appreciate your visit!

jennifer blenkinsopp 13 Feb 2008

Great work Anneke

Artist Reply: Hi Jennifer, thank you for the kind words.

Anonymous Guest 12 Feb 2008

Fantastic work Anneke!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Ano!

Jo-Ann Hayden 12 Feb 2008

Beautifuly executed piece of art work.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Jo-Ann!

Julie Mayser 12 Feb 2008

Super painting,Anneke! Mr Mooseman it is!! Ted should be honored...

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for the nice words, Julie!

Dianne McGrath 12 Feb 2008

What a wonderful gift! Great job! Everything about it is just perfect! Love those antlers, Anneke!

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, Julie. Thank you! :)

Brigitte Hintner 12 Feb 2008

beautifully done dear Anneke .....bravo !!!:-)

Artist Reply: Hi Brigitte, thank you for your nice comment!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 12 Feb 2008

He's lovely Anneke! Beautifully painted! Delightful!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Rusty!

Lili Segal 12 Feb 2008

Excellent work, Anneke! Fantastic tribute to Ted!

Artist Reply: Yours too, Lili!! :D Many thanks for stopping by!

Liz Robinson 12 Feb 2008

Great Acrylic work Anneke, love the head well done.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Liz!

Olga van Dijk 12 Feb 2008

This is absolutely a fantastic painting Anneke!!

Artist Reply: I'm happy you think so, Olga. Thanks a lot for your kind words!

helen tyralik 12 Feb 2008

lovely work

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Helen!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 12 Feb 2008

what a fantastic work!!

Artist Reply: Hi Nelly, always good to see you, thank you! :)

Bev Chudey 11 Feb 2008

This is really great Anneke!

Artist Reply: Hi Bev, thank you for the kind comment!

Anonymous Guest 11 Feb 2008

Mr. Mooseman is a lucky man! Fantastic TS Omaha NE

Artist Reply: I think everybody has the right to be happy on his Birthday, so I hope he will be! Thank you for coming to my gallery, Ano.

Stanley Layman 11 Feb 2008

I like the thick fur!

Artist Reply: I think, it's the winterfur, but I'm not sure? It was fun to paint! Thanks for the visit, Stanley!

debbie collier 11 Feb 2008

Beautiful work!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Debbie!

John Sweeney 11 Feb 2008

Very nice work.

Artist Reply: Many thanks for the kind comment, John.

annette steens 11 Feb 2008

Oh Anneke, this is so nice done! I love the elg; a most fantastic animal living here around our home. Think Mr Mooseman ,Ted, will adore this and you! x annette

Artist Reply: Well, I think the moose is the favourite! :)))) Good to see you and reading your sweet words, Annette!

jamie winter 11 Feb 2008

awesome anneke . wow a real fantastic piece of art

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Jamie!

Reba McDonald 11 Feb 2008

Nice work Anneke.

Artist Reply: Hi Reba, I hope you're feeling well, very kind of you to comment on my painting. Thank you! :)

Akber Moeen 11 Feb 2008

wow! a beauty

Artist Reply: Thank you, Akber!!

Elf Evans 11 Feb 2008

The Moose appears to be warmer than the weather! Nice work...

Artist Reply: I hope so, it will be quite cold out there, I believe it's minus 14 C over there! Really good to see you, Elf! Many thanks for the visit, my friend!

Seth Weaver 11 Feb 2008

A beautiful work, Anneke. Great color and brushwork, a great birthday gift. There's only one "Mooseman"...Ted Widen is this for him?

Artist Reply: Yep, you guessed right, it's for the one and only Mooseman on Artwanted LOL! Nice to see you in my gallery again, Seth!

Brenda Thour 11 Feb 2008

Love the brushstrokes. Beautiful work.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Brenda. I'm glad you like it, you draw wonderful animals!

Robin Webster 11 Feb 2008

Beautiful work Anneke!

Artist Reply: Hi Robin, good to see you! Thank you! :)

Delores Knowles 11 Feb 2008

Superb painting.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Delores! :)

Chris Roukema 11 Feb 2008

Great Painting, Anneke!

Artist Reply: Hi Chris, thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind words.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 11 Feb 2008

Fantastic work, Anneke!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Alberto, your words are much appreciated!

brenda coster 11 Feb 2008

What a wonderful piece of art! Poor moose looks so cold!

Artist Reply: Haha Brenda, he's got a better fur coat than I have! Thank you for the visit and the nice comment!

Emily Reed 11 Feb 2008

What a wonderful painting! Just great!

Artist Reply: Hi Emily, nice to see you, thank you! :)

Agnieszka Henne 11 Feb 2008

Fantastic artwork Anneke!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Agnieszka!

Rebecca Wadle 11 Feb 2008


Artist Reply: Thank you, Rebecca!

v blair 11 Feb 2008

Excellent painting.Beautiful work Anneke!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much!

Nira Dabush 11 Feb 2008

What a splendid composition, Anneke, in this winter scenery..MARVELOUS PAINTING...Contain great atmosphere

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot Nira! :)