The Transport Coil by gregg dutcher |

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The Transport Coil

(c)2008 An important Federation transport coil under construction. With it the Federation can have a single ship or a fleet of ships anywhere in the galaxy in a matter of minutes. A technology the Feds picked up from the now defunked Borg. Here we see many Federation ships kept in close proximity to this all important new invention. Security without strength to back it up is worthless, stay strong in these end times. You can stay strong through and in God's Word, rightly dividing it of course. :O)


Anonymous Guest

Tabitha Borges 14 Feb 2008

so detail ...this awesome

Penny Myers 13 Feb 2008

Creative as always my friend.

Lawrence Hickman 10 Feb 2008

fantasically done great job, awsome

stephanie atlee 10 Feb 2008

Your imagination is always wonderful and creative...very nice work

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 10 Feb 2008

impressive and great!! love the colours in this work very much!