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Bigger Cars 2

(c)2008 Interior space in a vehicle is sometimes generous,...but mostly not. If your on the big side, like me, finding a vehicle with enough head, shoulder, waist, and leg room is getting harder and harder to find. The term crackerbox was given to vehicles whose interiors were small. It now seems to be the norm to see nothing but crackerboxes to choose from to purchase,...except for trucks,...thank God! Funny too because you see a lot of big young people and adults too. Hmmmm,....unless the car companies start making cars like these. Hehehe :O)


Anonymous Guest

annette steens 12 Feb 2008

love your humoristic style and....the fascinating colors!

stephanie atlee 11 Feb 2008

That is what i need a magical car with a huge interior, almost most no gas usage and fits in my pocket...Another great piece