Maiden of the Seas

Galleon - this is done in oils and is the first of many to come! Please do comment on this one, it`s the first tall ship I`ve painted, it`s not been easy, but I`ve enjoyed every moment of it.

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DR LaVoie 05 Nov 2013

Please forgive me in advance Neil, however I am somewhat the Simon Cowell of nautical motifs, I need to point out some glaring errors: This type of vessel would carry a minimum of three masts, and you are showing only one; Most of The Rigging is missing; The shape of the Bow is incorrect; The water is much too blue for a "Deep Water" vessel; etc. However I NEED to point out, that your Aircraft paintings are OUTSTANDING, and I praise you for trying something new, but possibly a bit more "study" is in order, before moving away from your beautiful airplanes?

Artist Reply: Hi there...I have no issues with constructive critic, so many thanks for taking the time and commenting, how do we learn by mistakes made if no one points them out. This won`t be the last time I do a sailing ship and I now have some pointers as to how to make them better in future. And thank you for the wonderful comment on the aviation art, yes this is my number 1 pet enjoyment...

Sandra S. Corona 19 May 2013

I'm ready to sail! Awesome!

Artist Reply: Thanks Sandra...

Maria Murphy 25 May 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks very much Maria...sorry it`s take so long for me to say it! ;-(

Renata Cavanaugh 29 Feb 2008


Artist Reply: Many thanks for the comment Renata...sorry I haven`t replied sooner, been busy at work!

William H. RaVell III 23 Jan 2008

This is an excellent first attempt at marine art. I hope you don't mind a constructive critique. The vessel is shown on a starboard (right) tack and is correctly healed in that direction. The foremast therefore, should be at the same angle as is the bow sprit. Also this vessel would have at least three masts and the main mast and mizzen mast would be partly visible if the foremast was correctly angled. I realize that we all start out concentrating more on paint application than we do with the accuracy of the subject matter. I think you have the natural ability to become an excellent marine artist. Paint,paint,paint! Bill

Artist Reply: I`m more than happy with constructive critique, it`s the only way to learn, many thanks for the comment.