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Noah's Ark -  Artistic Activity with Kids

Like every year, I enjoy to volunteer to some kind of activity with kids. It is a custom almost to take part in Group hospitality, for some kind of activity,in the afternoon, everyone in his/her turn, and it is chosen by the family, who host.( Of course it is not a must, but a choice). At the beginning of this school year (Sep), I knew I'm going to do with a group of kids from Yarin's class the Noah's ark.(The same as I did with Saar by the way )... SO, at Wednesday, January 2nd 2008...Few kids from Yarin's class came to visit us , in the afternoon to make the Noha's Ark. I was instructed them a bit, and gave them the materials...but they had of- course the free choice of colours, and creation,according to the biblical story, that they learned at school, from their teacher, Edna. The upper shot, is the Noah's Ark ready,taken on our the window. The bottom shot, show you the group of kids that were visiting us. From right to left : Yarin, my son, sticking the last doctor's sticks :-) on the Ark. Michaela holding her giraffe, Shon holding a tiger that he did... Lee and, Iftach, both with brushes and blues. Copyrights to these wonderful kids. Later today or tomorrow,I'll post more photos from this project in my blog.

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Anonymous Guest

Tahnja Wolter 27 Jan 2008

way to go Nira. Makes me feel so good to hear about such wonderful people like u doing loving work with children. Just wonderful!

carlos martins 23 Jan 2008

great happy moments.....

gregg dutcher 13 Jan 2008

:O) ....looks like a lot of fun,....and the results are terrific!!!!

Natalie G 12 Jan 2008

Looks, like you all having a great time together... Wonderful images, Nira. Hope all is well :)

Visionary Imagist 09 Jan 2008

Nira: great happy moments. what a wonderful treat to see. great and creative images.