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Alone ?

We are connected to life by a mutual biology. We are connected to the ground upon which we stand by a common chemistry. We are connected to the ever expanding universe by atoms. Everything is connected. Everything is fastened together in a deep eternal bond. Nothing stands apart or alone. Even if it may appear so at times. The deep reality is that we are all brother Sun and sister Moon. All the atoms of our bodies were forged in some long ago forgotten atomic furnace of some former star that exploded and spilled forth our celestial birthrights. Together we have traveled many, many miles and many,many years to find ourselves here sharing this brief and fleeting moment. So as I peer into the night sky and behold the countless bright stars in countless other galaxies I come to intuitively know, admire and appreciate my extraordinary heritage. The shared munificent and generous gift of the Cosmos, a gift from the Creator Spirit, that is given freely to the largest of the large and to the smallest of the small. It is this remarkable legacy that we travel together and we are not alone. visionary imagist "Joey"

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joe valcourt 06 Mar 2016

Stark beauty

shenur masters 23 Dec 2011

Beautiful work!!!

Gabrielle Stahlie 07 Jan 2008

Joey, to know and realise how all and everything is connected can give a deep feeling of peace. Only by looking at the cosmos we must understand that we are not alone in space. We are small reflections of a divine power that is beyond our understanding.

L.A. Spilsbury 07 Jan 2008

person feels so isolated but then so connected when you read the story-wonderful work as always

Artist Reply: L.A. : i await your new works. Thanks for stopping into my little world and sharing with me Take care my friend.
Artist Reply: L.A. : what a wonderful treat treat it is to share art and words with other fine artists such as yourself. thank you.

Ginger Lovellette 06 Jan 2008

You are a true "visionary" artist! This is awesome!

Artist Reply: Ginger: thank you taking the time to stop and comment on my oil painting. thank you . stop back again.
Artist Reply: Ginger: thank you very much for your continuing support of my oil paintings.